8hr Buzz Energy Shots

8hr Buzz Energy Shot 8hr Buzz Energy Shot is a one ounce liquid energy shot designed to deliver a full energy boost. With zero net carbs, zero sugar and only 5 calories per pouch, 8hr Buzz Energy shots also come in various delicious flavors. Each pouch contains a host of B and C Vitamins, and other essential nutrients.

8hr Buzz Energy ShotI was sent four of the 8hr Buzz Energy shots to try in these flavors Peach Passion Fruit, Coffee, Berry Blast & Grape. The shots are very portable and easy to take. The taste is a little to be desired. I don't care for the way these shots tasted. My son liked the taste but my husband did not. I think these are a taste you will either like or you don't. The enery I got from the shots was enough to keep me going through my night so I could get my work done. It took about 5 – 10 minutes to hit me but when it did I was full of energy and had a hyper feeling. Overall the product did work.

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8hr Buzz Energy Shots

Disclaimer: I got the 8hr Buzz Energy Shots free to do this product Review and was not paid for my response.

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3 thoughts on “8hr Buzz Energy Shots

  1. Like the look, and the flavors sound different and interesting. Energy shots are often an acquired taste I think. Good that it works.

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