A day of sight seeing turns into a 911 call for help

The day was going great for hubby & I as we were driving around taking pictures of the 2013 historic flooding around where we live. The sun was shinning and the weather was great. After days of rain it was great to get out and see everything. I was amazed at the levels of the flooding and never seen anything like it before. As we were driving around hubby & I were talking and having a great time together. We even drove down town because of a country song that came on the radio by Lady Antebellum lol While we were down town we stopped and saw the Fish Ladder which was really flooded out. We even went to dinner at a little place down town. It was a great day.

Hubby & I 4/20 at the Fish LadderAfter we ate dinner I said something about taking the highway back home but hubby wanted to take the back roads home so we could get more pictures and since I love taking them I was all for it. We stopped and fed some ducks and like I said it was a great day and I couldn't of asked for a better to way to spend it with my hubby. So we were making our way back to the house when some place out of the corner of hubby's eye caught his attention and he drove over to see what was going on. There was a back road that was flooded and there was a truck that was going through the water and hubby wanted to watch what was going on so he got close to the water and that's when our lives changed. The truck went through the water and the wake it made was huge and we knew we were in the way of it so hubby went to turn our Jeep to get out of the way but it was too late we were picked up and carried out into the water. Hubby tried to drive the truck out but the water got into our engine and stalled the Jeep out so we were stuck way out in the water. At first I thought the Jeep would restart and we could just drive out and everything would be OK wrong. After about 2 minutes the Jeep started to take on water and that's when I knew we were in trouble. As I looked out we were not anywhere close to the edge, we were a lot farther out and the water was still rising. I panicked and started having a panic attack. I was so scared as the water was murky and I couldn't see the bottom. Until the water started coming into the Jeep we didn't realize it but we were floating and that was what carried us out. I didn't give hubby a choice I called 911 and was ready to kill him over this. Once the rescue help got out to the scene and said the Jeep was safe to get out of we had to get out into the very cold water. The water came up to my waist. I was so pissed at my husband for wanting to see someone drive through the water that it put us in danger. After I was safe on dry land it sunk in that my Jeep that I just bought in February was now destroyed by the water. I went from being in fear for my life to red hot pissed at my husband. Everyone on the scene kept telling me that once my Jeep got dried out it would start and be fine. Well after getting my Jeep towed home that night my hubby which I wasn't talking to at the time and a few of our friends were vacuuming the Jeep out and tearing part of the engine apart to dry it out were trying to get my Jeep back to normal but then that's when the oil was seen on the garage floor. My Jeep's engine had something go through the bottom of the engine.

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So I called my insurance to cancel my policy and that's when I was told I was covered and that they would get my Jeep picked up and sent to a repair shop. I was surprised over this. On Monday my Jeep was towed to the repair shop and it took 2 days for the shop and my insurance to decide that it was better to just total out my Jeep sad. I started to cry when then I was told that I would get the value of my Jeep paid to me. YA wow really!!!! I am still in shock over this whole matter. Now I was able to keep my Jeep after buying it back at salvage price as my hubby said he could replace the engine and fix it. I don't care what he wants to do with the Jeep as it is now his and I plan on buying another truck this weekend.

April 2013 066

I just want to say that even though it's fun to watch and flooding in amazing to see please know that it only take a little water to cause a lot of trouble. I really didn't think we were in danger as we watched people through out the day drive through the water like in the above picture which I took earlier in the day. In a flash your life can be changed. Yes I was really mad at my husband but I love him to death and he is my dumb ass that keeps my life interesting. I think next time I will drive and he can take the pictures lol


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4 thoughts on “A day of sight seeing turns into a 911 call for help

  1. Holy crap girl!!!! I know you were pissed, I would have been too!  It could have been a lot worse than it was. Thank heaven that you werent injured or worse & that your insurance covered your Jeep! I remember when you posted about getting your Jeep In Feb & how excited you were. I remember it because I replied to your post saying that my brother has a Jeep like it & I want one too. I'm glad you are ok & tell your hubby next time he wants to watch people drive through water stay WAY WAY back from the water!! 😉

  2. I am so sorry to hear that.I had a similar problem while living in MO.I rented an apartment near a creek every time it rained my place would flood.

  3. I remember to that you just got your jeep and you were so happy. Luckily yous are okay cause sometimes it can lead to tragedy when the waters up on you and the car before you know it. Its not worth chancing your life and car. The insurance company came thru on it  that is great

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