AllyZabba TravelZabba Baby Blanket

 AllyZabba TravelZabba Baby Blanket

​The AllyZabba Blanket is made of raised plush fabric and silky satin backing and is machine washable. It’s incredibly soft and cozy. All color variations of The AllyZabba are offered in our traditional multicolor retro dot backing.

Babies, especially newborns, love the feel of silk against their skin. We’re not 100% sure why, but we’ve been told that silk is very similar in texture to the lining of the womb! You will probably notice your baby reacting to the soft silky texture right away. Babies cuddle to sleep on a silky blanket like nothing else.

TravelZabba is 16″ x 14″ and is a perfect lovely for the car seat or stroller.

TravelZabba I got the Pink Camo TravelZabba. The feel is super soft and the silk under side is really smooth. I plan on giving this blanket to my girl friend at her baby shower as she is having a girl. The TravelZabba will make a great addition to someone diaper bag or to just have on hand when you can't have a full size blanket. All the choices that are offered, You are sure to find one to fit you style needs. I know I want the Mega size blanket for myself 🙂


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Disclaimer: I got the AllyZabba TravelZabba blanket free to do this product Review and was not paid for my response.

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6 thoughts on “AllyZabba TravelZabba Baby Blanket

  1. How darling! This looks really soft and sweet. A perfect baby shower gift or, like you said, the mega for a special adult…I know my daughter would love it.

  2. The blanket looks very plush, soft, and comfy. The light pink is a great shade too. Of course, good luck saying the name.

  3. This looks really soft and plush. Definitely a blanket to have on hand and wrap up in. Great that it comes in different colors and sizes.

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