CHOP Minimal effort pill cutter

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

ChopDifferent people split pills for different reasons: some pills, especially daily vitamin supplements, are so large that they can be difficult to swallow whole. Oftentimes, pills come in only one high dosage version and you need to halve or quarter them to get a lower dose. Others split pills because it’s more cost effective, since higher-dosage pills frequently cost the same as lower-dosage ones.

ChopNo matter the reason, if you split pills regularly you have likely encountered many pill splitter pitfalls. When we began to investigate the task of splitting pills we quickly realized that this seemingly trivial task is actually riddled with problem.

ChopWe wanted to create a superior pill splitter. We designed a pill splitter that can split all pills of any shape or size, cleanly, accurately, and easily. It employs a non-steel/non-razor durable plastic poly blade so it’s safe and won’t easily wear down. And you don’t have to worry about it rusting if it gets wet so it’s easy to clean.

ChopWe made it adjustable to all pill types, easy to hold and press, and at the same time fun to use and beautiful to look at. We hope that when you use CHOP, you’ll get into the ritual of snapping your pills to size and use the moment to stop, breathe, and think on the importance of your health and the time you invest in ensuring your healthcare is accurate, non-wasteful and… just plain fun.

ChopI like how compact and easy this pill cutter by Sabi is to use. I get my pills in a higher dosage as they are cheaper and a lot of times the generic only come in the big pill. My son has to take a pill every morning but his pills only come in a large pill form and he always has a problem getting the pill swallowed before it starts to dissolve in his mouth. Now I can cut them in half and he can get it down in one sip of water. I myself hate taking high dosage of pain killers so I always cut my pills in half so I can take half a pill at a time and I love how I can do this on my own. Other pill cutters I would have to have my husband do it as I couldn't. Now I can cut my pills down when I need to.

You can connect with CHOP which is made by Sabi:
Twitter: @sabi_brandChopDisclosure review


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4 thoughts on “CHOP Minimal effort pill cutter

  1. I can definitely see the use and need for this. The cost of many medicines is cheaper if you buy a higher dose and split them not to mention some prescriptions you have have to split anyway. Pills can be hard to cut or just crumble when you do. Great innovative product.

  2. This is great if you need to take half a dose (and sometimes what you want isn’t available) and it’s hard to get a precise amount trying to break a pill in half by approximating with your fingers. This makes a huge difference if it’s a medication that is strong or one that’s sensitive to you. For those that need it, this would be a very helpful device!

  3. Good idea on buying stronger strength and cutting them. Meds are very important but so expensive. Any way you can safely save money is great.

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