DGP: All Natural Supplement to support Mobility and Flexibility in your pet


DGP is the all-natural-formula for pets joints and mobility. Developed by leading Australian scientists and herbalists. DGP is a complete, all natural formula that:

    Supports mobility & flexibility
    Eases aches and discomfort cause by daily exercise, activity and training
    Works quickly. Just one week

Duke & DGP

Duke is going on 11+ years and his hips are giving him lots of pain do to an injury when Duke was 5. Duke takes a pill a day and likes taking the pill. I put the pill in a soft dog treat and he eats it up. Before taking DGP Duke had a hard time getting on the bed, going up & down stairs and getting into our truck. Now Duke will run up the stairs and jump right into the truck. When my husband gets home from work Duke will run around wanting to play. My husband will get on the floor play tug of war with Duke and then play keep away with Dukes bone. We can see more playful pup in our older dog Duke. I give this 2 paws up:)

Duke calm after playing getting vacuumed. Duke use to hate the vacuum cleaner!

Duke taking DGPDisclaimer: I got the DGP free to do this product review and was not paid for my response.


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One thought on “DGP: All Natural Supplement to support Mobility and Flexibility in your pet

  1. Love that this worked for your baby. Quick results and easy for them to take are wonderful bonuses. I love that this lets Duk get around.

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