End of week 4 & 5 on Nutrisystem

Week 4 weigh in

Okay so I have slacked on my Updates. Week 4 ended with me gaining weight do to a vacation I took to my dad's house. My step mom is a good Filipino cook and well her cooking blew my Nutrisystem diet out of the water. I also drank a lot of pop even though it was diet while I was at my dad's do to not liking well water.  Then a day being home I got a cyst and it was infected. I had it removed but the tissue surrounding the cyst was really inflamed and since I have had MRSA the Doctor thought it best to leave the cyst removal area open instead of putting the 5 stitches in. With the area being on my inner thigh I couldn't really walk much and the pain was bad so I choose to sleep a lot. I was able to lose the weight I gained for my 5 week weigh in plus some. Even with a few set backs I stayed my course and with Nutrisystem I am back to losing weight. Next week I hope to be back to excising. I lost 2.2 pounds.Total weight lost is 11.4 Until my next update 🙂

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Week 5 weigh in

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10 thoughts on “End of week 4 & 5 on Nutrisystem

  1. I know you're really trying and you're doing quite well!   A diet is never an easy thing to stick to, and we're all bound to have a set back here and there.   You will be surprised how the weight comes off in spurts.  🙂


  3. You're doing great. One thing remember, You only live once. My Mom spent her whole life dieting and watching every bite she ate. She died at 59 with breast cancer. She said near her death that if she had one thing she would have done is not diet all the time. Sometimes we just need to accept ourselves for who we are,,…but anyway, congrats on your progress.

  4. Good for you on overcoming and working through these challenges.  Life has many obstacles to throw at us and we have to have some indulgement/enjoyment but balance it out with healthy practical choices.  Sounds like you are doing well.  Keep it up!

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