Happy 14th Birthday to my Son

Happy 14th Birthday my handsome baby boy 🙂

My Son on 10/25/12

You may be turning 14 today but you will always be my baby boy.

Birthday son poem

Happy Birthday my dear son <3

Morley Dam Aug12 2012

You have grown so much over the last year.

For my son

So Very True

My son being goofy Aug13/12

You may try my patience at times but I will always love you and pray when you grow up you will have kids just like you 🙂

For my son

I love you so very much

My Son & I oct 25/12

May you have a great day like this one

Happy B-day Son

Here's to your special day

Christmas 2012

You are growing so tall. What happened to my baby boy that couldn't even walk & talk.

Happy B-day sonFather & Son 10/25/12

Just know that dad & I love you and want you to enjoy your birthday and to try to not grow to fast. It seems like yesterday I was changing your diapers and kissing your booboos.

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12 thoughts on “Happy 14th Birthday to my Son

  1. Happy Birthday to your son!   It's so very obvious his mom loves him alot 🙂   Hope he has a very special day!

  2. What a nice write up for your sons birthday. It is so cute. Did you write the first poem? Yes they grow up so fast, before you know he'll be driving.  All my sons and grandsons are all taller than me too. Happy Birthday to your son. You all have a fun day together.

  3. Happy Birthday to your son, they don't understand that they will always be our babies!  Hope he had a great day.

  4. wow thats amazing. i am sorry im wishing im really late But a very happy Belated Birthday! its great to see kids so happy and enjoy their life.

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