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#TheHappysI got my The Happy's party pack for my play date and couldn't wait to share pictures with my friends and fans. As you can see in the pictures my cat Ghost approved all of the goodies for the play date lol My package contained four of The Happy’s pets, featuring an interactive Happy Treat, One of The Happy’s Chase and Play Ball, Werther’s Original Caramel Popcorn, A Papa Murphy's gift card, Glue sticks and other items for crafts.

#TheHappys #WerthersPopcorn.

We started off by enjoying some pizza, Werthers caramel popcorn & other snacks. The kids and moms all enjoyed the pizza. I myself hadn't had Papa Murphy's pizza in years and that it tasted great and was very filling. After everyone ate and got cleaned up we got The Happy's pets out.

#TheHappysThe kids were very excited to play with The Happy's pets. With the kids all playing with the pets it got kinda crazy. The one of the kids turned on the ball and added it to the mix. After a few minutes of chaotic mess, We were able to get the kids to separate a little so the pets could be controlled by their treats. The kids were able to get the pets under control and we were able to see what each pet treat commanded the pets to do.


The kids made pet ears from cat, dog and bunny ears. Pet tags were made too. The kids had so much fun playing with The Happy's pets: Mittens, Chance, Sport and Bentley. The kids were asking their moms for other items that they saw on the packaging for The Happy's pets. This was a great toy for all ages. I had kids from 2 years old to 15 at this play date and everyone like trying out what the pets could do.

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5 thoughts on “The Happy’s Play Date #TheHappys

  1. We had a Happy’s MommyParty too! I love how you described it as a chaotic mess, haha. That’s the way it was at our party too! The kids went crazy over those Happy’s Pets!

  2. Ive never heard of this but what a great package. It looks great and covers a lot of basics. I like how it works for so many ages. I think even adults would enjoy.

  3. LOL , watched the videos . really cute , i thought the idea of them being able to follow the ball and such was a nice touch 🙂 great review and thanks for share @tisonlyme143 need twitter followers please

  4. Pizza, popcorn, and crafts…sounds like a Fun time. I’m glad everyone had a good time. Smiles and happiness all around even from Ghost….definitely a package worth checking out for get togethers.

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