Maddyloo Mini Heart Box

Maddyloo Mini Heart Box "Maddyloo" has hair ties, bracelets and headbands for all girls and women of all ages. All Maddyloo products are made in sunny Southern California.

April 2013 003The Maddyloo no-crease hair ties are the cutest solution for pulling your hair back with enough elastic to keep a ponytail in place, but wide enough to not leave a dent. From camouflage and metallic to rhinestone and tie dyed, Maddyloo has found a way to marry function with beautiful eye (or wrist) candy. 

April 2013 001I love wearing my hair up in a messy bun style and the Maddyloo Original Hair Tie with Ombre Rhinestone Donut Bead is my favorite to use. The hair tie adds a pretty touch to my look.

April 2013 002Maddyloo hair ties hold great and look great in my hair. I can wear these hair ties all day and I don't get a head ache like I do when I wear my hair up in other hair ties. With all the choices of hair ties that come in the Maddyloo Mini Heart Box, I have a hair tie to go with any outfit that I am wearing.

April 2013 011My sister in law liked the hair ties so I gave her one. She likes that the hair ties don't pull your hair out when you take the hair tie out of your hair.

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Disclaimer: I got the Maddyloo Mini Heart Box free to do this product review and was not paid for my response.

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4 thoughts on “Maddyloo Mini Heart Box

  1. These are super cute! I like how they’re a little more jazzed up than a normal ponytail.

  2. These hair ties are charming and functional. I like that they do not pull out your hair like so many hair ties.

  3. Sparkly, fun, and cute. A hint of bling without being too much. I like that they are useful and don’t dent your hair, too. I’m growing my hair out and looking for some good hair accessories. These sound great.

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