OOFOS: OOahh Slide

oofosOOFOS brand footwear is powered by an innovative, cutting-edge proprietary foam material we designed with a world-class chemist. We call it OOFOAM. The unique OOFEEL of the patented OOFOAM foot-bed delivers unparalleled recovery and cushioning benefits that recharge and rejuvenate your feet so they feel free.

OOFOSFeeling down, like your sole’s got the best of you? Sulk no longer, the slip on feel of OOFOS is just what the doctor ordered. The remedy calls for an equal dose of vibrancy and sole support. Some would even say it’s the missing link to the total you, the person you have been missing out on. Keep the medicine away-I’ll take an OOFOS a day. Let us help you recoup, recover and relax.

OOFOSIf your feet are sore and tired then your going to want to try a pair of OOahh Slide on sandals. I love wearing my sandals anytime I can. I feel like I am walking on a cloud and my feet don't get sore in the ball of my foot like they do when I wear my sneakers. Any time my feet are sore I know I can wear my OOahh sandals and after a few steps I can feel a difference in my feet. The OOahh are so comfortable that my son and hubby will wear these when they can and I get so mad because I can never find them when I want to wear them.

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I got the OOahh Slide free to review and was not paid for my response.

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3 thoughts on “OOFOS: OOahh Slide

  1. These look really comfortable and durable. I can imagine the “oo’s” and “aws” your feet say as you way them. 🙂 Glad they make your feet feel good. They come in some cute colors, too.

  2. I’ve seen Oofos on a lot of blogs and they look so comfy. I’m going to have to get a pair for myself one of these days. Thanks 🙂

  3. I’d love to try these, because they are wider than other sandals and the foam makes them very light-weight. I also could really benefit from the special foam cushioning, which will help my bad back.

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