Razor Jr. Zombie Kix

Disclosure: SDSG got this product as part of an advertorial.

scooterSidewalk dwellers beware – kid Zombies are ready to cruise! Preschool kids love to role play and they're always on the move, so now they can do both. The new Razor Jr. preschool scooters with popular zombie and monster themes are great for some silly scootering fun! The Zombie Kix scooter has over-sized, soft-molded handlebar grips that look like creature hands with matching deck graphics. The stand-alone design helps young riders build coordination and the tilt-to-turn feature helps them learn to steer.

scooterThe Razor Jr. Zombie Kix scooter was very easy to put together. All the tools were provided and there was 3 little bolts and 2 long ones, Super easy to assemble. My friend put the Razor Jr. Zombie Kix together while the kids were sleeping and surprised them in the morning with it. The kids were thrilled when they saw it. All day the kids kids played on the Razor Jr. Zombie Kix and still today play on the scooter daily. This was a great item to get the kids to be more active and to play outside. If your looking for a fun and exciting item for the kids then the Razor Jr. Zombie Kix is the way to go.

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7 thoughts on “Razor Jr. Zombie Kix

  1. My nephews would have a ball playing with this. I would have to set time limits so each child had a turn. LOL

  2. What easy assembly! I like that this is for younger kids, helping the coordination and balance. A great way to give them a scooter, too.

  3. Look at those happy faces ! you did not have to type a word just show the pic! The easy assebly is a big plus! I am all thumbs when it comes to that!

  4. LOL those pics are so cute! I know little Noah would love this. He likes pretending he is a monster. The hands on the bar makes it look so creepy. The Razor Jr. Zombie would be a great gift for him. He is a busy little boy and if it moves he likes it.

  5. Easy to assemble is a great bonus! It’s awful when the kids get all excited about a toy, but after the hours it takes you to get it together, they are off doing something else and you are frustrated. It’s great that this is quick and easy so the fun can begin.

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