Ryobi ONE+ 18-Volt Drill Kit Review & Giveaway 3/8 Daily US

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RYOBI productProduct Description:

RYOBI 18V ONE+ introduces lithium-ion performance at Ni-Cd prices. This kit is powered by new and improved lithium-ion batteries, the very best value in lithium-ion performance. They hold a charge 4X longer, offer up to 20% more run time and are 45% lighter weight than Ni-Cd batteries. Best of all, like all 18V ONE+ batteries, these new lithium-ion batteries work in every RYOBI 18V ONE+ tool ever made. Batteries stored on the IntelliPort charger are conditioned for peak performance. The drill includes a 1/2 inch heavy-duty single sleeve, keyless chuck with a 24 position clutch to match your drilling and driving needs. The drill features the exclusive MagTray and on-board bit storage, which allow convenient placement of bits and screws.

  • The drill features a 24 position clutch and 2-speed gear box to match your drilling and driving needs
  • MagTray magnetic holder for convenient placement of screws and bits
  • Lithium offers 20% more performance than NiCd batteries
  • 45% lighter weight batteries reduces user fatigue
  • This kit includes Drill, 2 Ryobi 18V ONE+ batteries, charger and carrying case

The drillMy husband loves the RYOBI drill that we got to review. He uses it a few times a week. The first project hubby used the drill on was hanging a few pictures. Then he used the drill to build wooden shelves to hold our many snake cages. He also used the drill to put a scope on his bow. Hubby said this is one of the best drills he has used in a long time. We even have the drill packed and ready to go north with us to my dad's house so he can use it to build his deer blind with. The RYOBI drill is hubby's go to tool. I think hubby even makes up things he needs to do just so he can use the new toy I mean tool lol Got a project that you think the RYOBI drill could help you do or finish? Well your in luck because I am giving one away.

RYOBI Box pic

You can find more info:
Where to buy

Now for the giveaway: One lucky person will win A Ryobi ONE+ 18-Volt Drill Kit. This is open to US and ends 3/08/2013 @ 11:59 pm est. To enter, Simply do the tasks on the Rafflecopter widget below and you're set to have a chance to win! Remember you can't win if you don't enter. It only takes one entry to win!
:) Good Luck, SaraLee's Deals Steals & Giveaways readers! Thanks for entering! :)

*** Giveaway Ended!!! ***

Disclaimer: I got the Ryobi ONE+ 18-Volt Drill Kit free to do this product review and was not paid for my response. Please note that SaraLee's Deals Steals & Giveaways are not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill their prize.

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179 thoughts on “Ryobi ONE+ 18-Volt Drill Kit Review & Giveaway 3/8 Daily US

  1. Today, Ryobi Power Tools offers you more pro feature, affordable power tools than ever, all backed by our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and 3-Year Limited Warranty

  2. Their new Lithium&Lithium Batteries have 4x the run time. Also I like the Generator that is quiet.
    wendym at cableone dot net

  3. Technically I'd gift this to my husband.  The truth is that I would use it right away here in our new home to hang some curtains,  make a set of shelves I have planned, and maybe get to some work in the basement

  4. We have been thinking about getting a new generator and this one looks great!  
    model # RYi2200

  5. Just bought an 80 year old house 6 months ago and have several projects going outside and in the basement, bathroom, and kitchen. Probably be used in the basement first

  6. I learned that the new lithium-ion batteries offer 20% more runtime, hold a charge 4X longer & are 45% lighter weight than Ni-Cd batteries.

  7. I love that their batteries alst longer- that is always the worst part when you run out of charge midway through a project

  8. I would give it to my husband so he could take care of some projects around the house, like fixing some cabinets.

  9. I am in the process of laying new plywood on my floors, would finish that, my drill was taken back by my ex, even though I paid for it  lol!

  10. My husband would love me forever if I won this for him, because Ryobi tools are wonderful and have great warranty programs. He is also going to try to build up his "Do It Yourself" workshop so to speak when we move in a few months, so this would be a nice start!

  11. I am not able to give you Klout…I keep getting an error saying Sorry….    I have been able to give Klout on other sites however..wierd.

  12. I would love to win this Drill. A man's best friend is his tools sometimes when he;s in the doghouse πŸ™‚ lol

  13. I would give to to my son, it's hard to tell what he will do, he's always doing something

  14. NOTE:  SaraLee, for some reason I'm not able to give you K+ for the last several days

  15. I like the dual function inflator/deflator and the fact that it can automatically stop at a certain pressure when set.

  16. I would gift it to my husband. Our first project would be for him to help my newly widowed Mom with household chores. 

  17. Something I learned & loved at the same time is that Ryobi has this cool tool it's the 18V ONE+ Cordless Pole Saw.  This is awesome.  We have a long driveway with huge spruce  and pine trees that line both sides of the driveway and the branches on the spruce are all the way to the ground and have no leaves on them and are totally ugly. I would love to have them de-limbed but there are so many of them there is no way you could do them with a hand saw. It would takes years.  I would like it to go about 8 feet high so they are done above eye level. The trees themselves are gorgeous when de-limbed . I had no idea Ryobi made such a tool. This would be perfect for the job. My hands no longer work good enough to use power tools but the old mans hands do and I could put him to work with this πŸ˜‰ Check this out
    Thanks for sharing this review and giveaway with all of us. Ryobi has some great yard tools too!

  18. The man of the  house would be all over this. I'd be lucky if I got to look at it before he ran off to use it lol. We are currently under construction here.We have finished the mud room and now he has promised to build the cupboard/cabinet doors in the kitchen. the cabinets are built in place but the doors now all have to be built and put on. The Ryobi Drill would be great to have to get this job done~!

  19. I like the pole saw. I never new there was such a thing. I have trees in the back that need to be trimmed. The chain saw would be nice also. The are so many tools that we need.

  20. I learned that all of their tools are all backed by a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and 3-Year Limited Warranty.

  21. I would gift it to my husband who needs a new drill and then make him use it for all my little projects that need doing!

  22. I would like to have one of their corded drills, because the cordless drills seem to burn up the batteries pretty quick..

  23. I saw a lot of cordless drills but couldn't see a small light weight cordless screwdriver… I had a bosh one back in uk and loved it… could have it in my pocket while my hands were full and it didn't make my skinny girl arms ache when working above my head.

  24. I really love the The ONE+™ Power Paint Sprayer. Thanks for the awesome giveaway πŸ™‚
    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  25. I would gift this to my husband. Thanks again for the awesome giveaway πŸ™‚
    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

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