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Master Lock U-Lock Bike Lock

Master Lock U-Lock

Product Features:

  • Fusion U-lock
  • Hardened steel body resists cutting, sawing and prying.
  • Double locking shackle for superior pry resistance.
  • Disc key for superior pick resistance.
  • Vinyl coating for weather and scratch resistance.
  • Carrier bracket included for convenient storage.

Master Lock Bike Safety

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Master Lock in use

I used the Master Lock U-Lock bike lock while I was going out with the family for the day. I was able to lock all three of our bikes together to the bike rack on the back of my truck. This kept my bikes from getting stolen and also secure to my truck while driving. The U-Lock is very easy to use and I use it weekly when we go out on our family bike rides. I like that after our bike ride we can stop at a store or for a bite to eat and I don't have to worrie about the bikes being stolen off the truck. My son will also use the U-Lock when he rides his bike to the video store. The U-Lock is a great item to have to keep your bike safe.

Disclaimer: I got the U-Lock free to do this product review and was not paid for my response.