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Bacon & Sausage Breakfast Casserole

Cast Iron Grill Press

I used my Good Cook Cast Iron Grill Press to cook my bacon and sausage with.

Cooking BaconI love how crispy or crunchy as my husbands says it the bacon comes out when using the Cast Iron Grill Press. The Cast Iron Grill Press fit great in my frying pans and was super easy to use.

Bread chunksBefore you start cooking the meat it is best to pre soak the box potatoes that are needed. I soaked two boxes of julienne potatoes in hot water to soften them up. After the meat is all cooked I started to put my Breakfast casserole together. I took one loaf of bread and cut it into squares.

Adding the filling I then added the pre soaked potatoes and powder cheese packets that came with the boxed julienne potatoes, one 8oz package of shredded cheese (I used mild cheddar), one pound of cooked breakfast sausage, one package of cooked bacon and 10 eggs scrabbled with a half cup of milk.

Before cookingI mixed everything together in a big baking pan. I pre heated the oven to 400 degrees and cooked the casserole coved with aluminum foil for 45 minutes then uncovered and stirred the casserole and let bake for 15 minutes uncovered to get the top golden.

Done The Bacon & Sausage Breakfast Casserole done and ready to eat. You can eat it the way it is, With Maple syrup like my husband does or with catchup like my son does. This will be a great hit as it is with my family and friends. Everyone who has tried this loves it. I barley ever have any left overs as everyone likes eating the Bacon & Sausage Breakfast Casserole

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Good Cook Cast Iron Grill Press

Disclaimer: I got the Good Cook Cast Iron Grill Press  free to do this product Review and was not paid for my response.