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Happy 14th Birthday to my Son

Happy 14th Birthday my handsome baby boy 🙂

My Son on 10/25/12

You may be turning 14 today but you will always be my baby boy.

Birthday son poem

Happy Birthday my dear son <3

Morley Dam Aug12 2012

You have grown so much over the last year.

For my son

So Very True

My son being goofy Aug13/12

You may try my patience at times but I will always love you and pray when you grow up you will have kids just like you 🙂

For my son

I love you so very much

My Son & I oct 25/12

May you have a great day like this one

Happy B-day Son

Here's to your special day

Christmas 2012

You are growing so tall. What happened to my baby boy that couldn't even walk & talk.

Happy B-day sonFather & Son 10/25/12

Just know that dad & I love you and want you to enjoy your birthday and to try to not grow to fast. It seems like yesterday I was changing your diapers and kissing your booboos.