Ultra Sleeves Clear, Disposable, Protective Sleeve For Tablets

Ultra Sleeves™ Clear, Disposable, Protective Sleeve For Tablets

The Ultimate in Disposable Protection for tablets
Don’t let scratches and spills limit you from using your new computer tablet! Protect your valuable electronics with our new Ultra Sleeves™ disposable, protective sleeves for computers tablet and e-readers such as iPads and Kindles.

Ultra Sleeves™ are designed to be economical solutions for using your computer tablet at the beach, with your kids, in the kitchen, at a barbeque… or whenever you want to protect against that OOPS situation!

Our sleeves are made from the same high quality, acid-free, and recyclable plastic film used in the collectibles industry, with added anti-static feature to better protect your expensive electronics. We use unique double adhesive strips which provides an improved seal and the resealable adhesivea lets you open and close it back up with ease for battery charging and adjusting.
Technical Details

    Fits 2nd, 3rd, & 4th generation iPads; FDA Approved Formulation
    Water resistant; made with exclusive anti-static formulation to better protect electronics
    Great for picnics, the beach, airplanes, bathrooms, kitchens or around the kids
    No effect on Wi-fi or 4G reception
    Dual adjustable adhesive closures for added security

Ultra SleevesThe Ultra Sleeves are a great way to keep your iPad or Tablet clean while doing a craft project or in my husbands case working on a vehicle. You can still use the iPad like you normally would but now your hands can get dirty and not the iPad. I love having the Ultra Sleeves on hand for this very reason. No more getting grease on the iPad when my husband is using it to look up manuals on how to work on the vehicle. These will be great for parents to use so kids wont get the iPad all sticky.

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Disclaimer: I got the Ultra Sleeves free to do this product Review and was not paid for my response.

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  1. Good for use at the beach, pool…lots of places. Love how it talks about an adhesive seal to really protect, and it’s great that it’s recyclable.

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