Week 8 & 9 Nutrisystem update

Please keep in mind I did this video a day after I finished my period and was still very sickly looking. I also just got over a cold and am on meds to help heal my nose. I had a rough two weeks with a one two punch. First I got a cold and I was blowing my nose so much that I got an infection in my nose that was eating my nose tissue away. I still have a little bit of the infection left but it's healing slowly. Then after 5 yrs of not getting my period on my own I got it. I was very happy that my period came on it's own until I realized it was going to be a bad one. My body paid me back for not having it for long time. I was flowing so heavy that I went in to the doctors office and I was told to rest and to eat more red meat to help boost my system. Before this one two punch I was down to 304 lbs but now I am back to 306.9 I am now feeling better and got right back on track and plan on going to my son's school pool this week to work out in the water. Also the weather is getting better out so I can walk outside and plan on walking. I hate having the set backs but can see changes in my body and with Nutrisystem I am losing weight and getting a healthier body. My period was proof of that lol I hope to have a better update next week.

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Nutrisystem weigh in

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7 thoughts on “Week 8 & 9 Nutrisystem update

  1. Hang in there,  I think you're doing great. Way to take control of your life. Don't give up and celebrate every step forward and look at those small steps back with a grain of salt and continue to push forward.

  2. You'll get back down.  You're doing great and keeping up with it which is important.  Getting your period could be a sign that you are getting healthier, too.  Continue on your path and know people are cheering you on and there for you.

  3. Hope you are feeling better.  Maybe you can relax and focus on you – at least, somewhat – this weekend.  You are doing great, getting healthier, and working on your plan.  Good luck!

  4. Just hang in the there. Ouch the infection sounds painful. I hope you are all healed now!! You remind me soooo much of myself! We weight about the same & we even look a like lol!  However I do think Im a bit older than you. At age 43 I'm starting to go through menopause so sometimes I go 3 months with no period. Then we I do get my period its very heavy. I take naproxen sodium & it really helps decrease the heavy flow! Good luck with the weight loss girl. If you ever need a understanding friend to talk to please just give me an email! mnrquick at yahoo dot com

  5. I am sorry that you had such a hard time, and I hope that you are feeling well by now .  Be proud that you are back on track and are continuing your program

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