Ace Cat Furniture Review

scratch n play scratch cone GiveawayAce Cat Furniture offers cat owners the best selection of cat products available online. We sell cat trees, cat towers, cat condos, pet beds and more. Free shipping everyday!

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My cat towerMy 4 girls loved all the neat items they got from Ace Cat Furniture. After my hubby put the Bunkhouse Cat Tree together my cats which I call the girls started checking it out and climbed all over it. The mouse toy which is suppose to hang in the front only lasted about 6 hours before they chewed through the string it was hanging from. I found it and retied it and my girls again in a matter of an hour chew the mouse toy free. So now they have no mouse toy until I can find away to hang it with out my girls getting it down.

Product in useHoney my Orange cat loves to lay on the very top of the cat tree while my fat girl Princess likes to sit under the cat tree. Gizzy was on the other high plat form but jumped down when I took the picture and you can see her on the right running away lol I guess she got camera shy. All my girls love laying and sleeping on the cat tree and you can find one or all of them on it through out the day or night.

Duke on cat bedMy old dog Duke took over the Large Round Cozy Pet Bed from the minute we set it out. I have the bed between the couch and my chair in front of the end table and you can find Duke sleeping in the bed all the time. Once in a while you might see a cat laying in the bed but not for long as Duke will chase them out lol. I like how the bed is two pieces so it can be washed easy. Duke is a medium size dog and fits in the bed with room to spare for his dog bones (if you lift the center cushion up there is 6 or more bones he has hidden lol).

Duke and Gizzy Here is a Gizzy checking out Duke as he is hiding a bone in the bed. Duke was never a pet bed dog until now. We have got pet beds before and none of the pets would use it so we would give it away. I guess with age Duke decided he now wants a bed so I am glad I was able to review this as I might not of bought one.

cats playingMy girls were playing with the Scratch-n-Play Scratch Cone so a snaped a picuter and well I wish it was a better one lol. My girls will get to play with the ball on the cone that they will then attack each other in play. Gizzy will drag the cone around trying to get the ball off. Even with all my girls being declawed they still love playing and rubbing on the Scratch-n-Play Scratch Cone.

no touchyNow for the giveaway: Two lucky people will win A Scratch-n-Play Scratch Cone. This is open to US & WW and ends 4/30/13 @ 11:59 pm est. To enter, Simply do the tasks on the Rafflecopter widget below and you're set to have a chance to win! Remember you can't win if you don't enter. It only takes one entry to win!

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Disclaimer: I got the Ace Cat products free to do this product review and was not paid for my response. Please note that SaraLee's Deals Steals & Giveaways are not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill their prize.

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170 thoughts on “Ace Cat Furniture Review

  1. I like the Bunk house cat tree my 4 cats would just love to play on it. They have a great selection of cat toys and trees

  2. I really like the Fancy Cat Tree Double Condo, and it sounds like they stand behind their products very good, but I liked that they mentioned to pick wisely according to your cat's age, size and needs.

  3. Barkerman, Blazie Marie, Indiana (Dr. Jones), and Abraham Sapien are all siblings I raised from birth, they will be 4 this year, and I have a handicapped girl named Lillia who is almost 6. 🙂

  4. The Bunkingham Palace or anything extra large…My mom has 14 rescues. And even the cone that is giveaway would be awesome to give to her for added enjoyment for her rescues..

  5. I personally dont have a cat, I go to my moms to enjoy hers and they range in age from 1 yr to 8 yr. She has 14 rescues

  6. Right away I clicked on the site and fell in love with the Buckingham Palace Cat Tree. I love it!

  7. I like the cool cat condo tree.  We have four cats and I think it would be perfect for them.  The hammock is such a cute idea and the unit seems durable enough for all the cats.

  8. We have four cats:  Fritz age 8, Purcey age 6, Scat age 5 and Mitzi age 1.  All are rescue cats and have been altered.

  9. I have 2 cats that are sisters born four months apart and have the same mommy. Sally Ashes turned 9 on march 13th and is a russian blue (nebelung) and Bailey Ditty will be 9 on July 22nd and is a siamese!

  10. I think my little pet would love the Pet Cat Beds Mocha Bed. He likes to be in or under something when he sleeps. This produce would be perfect! thank you

  11. Our kitties are getting older and fatter -so the way cool cat trees and condos don't really fit them anymore. They do still love to scratch so the Cone and the Mouse Sisel posts would be much used and appreciated! 

    I think they'd also love the Big Boy Pet Steps – both to climb to harder toreach places and also to sleep on!



  12. Oops – forgot their ages: they are both going to be 9 years old in July – but they are not from the same litter!

  13. I have 3 cats, all boys. Bailey and Shamrock are brothers.. they are 9. Lucky is 3. Can you tell I'm Irish? lol

  14. They have cat trees in all sizes and with all the bells and climbs….Cats would love the Buckingham Palace Cat Tree

  15. Did you see some of those cat towers?  76+ inches?!?  I think the Bunkhouse Cat Tree would be a favorite around my house.  

  16. I like the Bungalow Cat Tree – Paw Prints because my disabled kitty who can't climb can hang out in the bottom area and my other kitty can climb and perch!   

  17. Shadow is my disabled older kitty (he was born with some issues) and is now almost 13.  Stubby his buddy will be 5 very soon.

  18. I like that they have free shipping.

    My cat is 7yrs. old now. His name is Ivan and he is such a trip. But I love him so much.

  19. I have 7 cats. Nestle is 6 1/2, Jeffy is 6, Tazzy and Maxxy are 5, Triskit is 2, Choppy is about 1 1/2, and Archie is 1 🙂

  20. I am blessed to have 3 feline babies.  My Ragdoll Maddie is 13, and my Bengal babies CeeCee and Bailey are 1 🙂

  21. Boot, she is 10 years old and Sam, he is less than a year old, he came here a few months ago and you could see his ribs, I think someone set him out, he just made himself at home, we have a lot of fun with him

  22. My three rescue cats would love any of your items!!! Great looking products!

  23. We have something similar to the Buckingham Palace Cat Tree!  Our cats love it.

    I bet they'd also love the Hot Pink Princess Cat Bed!  It looks very soft and cozy.  🙂



  24. Our cats are George (named by the shelter) who will be 4 next month and Holly who moved in this past December and is about a year old (stray from the woods, don't know exact age).

  25. My 3 cats would LOVE the Perfect Perch Kitty Gym! Trinny, Charley and Gracie would all site on that kitty chin all day! 🙂

  26. I would love, & my CATS would love, the COOL CAT TREE WITH HAMMOCK.  They would be in cat heaven!

  27. we have fat cat, not sure how old he is, we are his 3rd family. we have snickelfritz and snowflake who are about 10 months old. and snowflake just had 2 kittens on the 16th 🙂

  28. My two kitties are hateful old Tom who's 7 and Ciaran who's only about 10 months or so, he's a rescue so we don't know for sure 🙂

  29. Our cat, Panda Bear, has insisted that I purchase her the Eastnor Castle Cat Tree or I am just may wake up in the morning with "accidents" left all over the house.

  30. We have two cats: Bappy, who is about 10 years old, and Coyote, who is about 14. Both girls, both very sweet.

  31. I love cats, and I have 4 of them.  We have had our cat condo for 5 years now, and it's getting to be in rough shape.  With that said, I love their Jungle Gym for Cats.  Actually, I love a lot of their kitty condo's/trees.  The selection on this site is better then the pet stores, and the prices are not too bad.  Thank you for introducing me to this website.  

  32. My Fur Babies:   

    Patusca- lynx point siamese(7)   Pepe – Tuxedo(5)  Pepper – gray/black tabby (turning 5 in a week) and Phoebe -solid white who's deaf (approx 5-6 months) 


  33. My cat would love any of those climbers. I think the Medium Loveseat Pet Bed is super adorable. Though my sure my 4 year old daughter and the 3 dogs would try to take it over and they're all too big for it! lol

  34. I really like the Cat Bungalow in the clearence section, that and the pet beds for dogs are really cute too.

  35. My cat's name is Bugsy.  He was a rescue cat so I'm not sue of his age, but we think about 5 years old now.

  36. my cats names are

    Sassy 15yr   YaaHoo 9yr Spitter 7mths TinkerBell 7mths

    outside cats are

    Junior ? older neighbor passed away so I took him in and care for him

    Bootsie 1yr

    YooGee 1yr


  37. I do not have cats at this time but would love to win this for one of our local animal rescues.

  38. loved the Cool Cat Tree With Hammock. kittens are going to be born soon and this would be sooo fun to watch them play on

  39. My cat would love the Faux Fur Cat Bed. The one that is covered. She likes getting inside of things.

  40. My cats name is CharlieAnn. I will have her 3 years, next month. She was so little when I got her, but I dont know the exact date she was born. But, it was some time in May.

  41. Lily is 3, and Uggy (Olive) was a stray until she wandered into my house…the vet estimated her at around 3 🙂

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