Alphie The Squid Game

Alphie The Squid Game


Recently I downloaded Alphie The Squid on my iPad.  I'll just be honest with you and let you know  since I purchased the game,  I have been in an underwater fantasy world every spare moment that I can get during my busy day. 

Alphie The Squid is on an undewater adventure like none other.  As he swims through the vallies and sands of the ocean floor, Alphie comes in contact with beautiful sea creatures that call the ocean floor home.  Not all of the ocean creatures are friendly to Alphie such as the sharks that he encouters, however just like many squids Alphie manages to ink his way out of the grasp of many predetors that come his way. The graphics on this game were simply amazing, and I had several of my children waiting in line to play Alphie The Squid. Not only was the game interactive and fun, but it was educational as well. Throughout the game we were able to read various facts about sealife.  As a parent I like to see my children engaged in something other than video games, but I love to see them excited to play Alphie and learn at the same time. 


 Alphie The Squid recently parntered with the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California, and $1 from every download will go to the Childrens Education Fund at the aquarium. As a child who grew up in the Monterey Bay, the Aquarium was a vital part of educational opportunities outside of the classroom and I think it's just AWESOME for Alphie to be so generous when it comes to educating our children. You can download Alphie The Squid on your IOS or Android device, on Amazon, and you can even connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  So when you are thinking about your next download, I highly recommend Alphie The Squid as a game that the entire family will enjoy. 


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9 thoughts on “Alphie The Squid Game

  1. What an interesting game. I am a fan of the ocean and sea life and so are my grandkids. We are a big water family so this would be fun. Huge bonus is that downloading also helps out.

  2. This would be a great game for my grandchildren to play. I am glad that it’s a game that they can learn something from too!

  3. Great review: Would not even consider this game worth looking into but your review made this seem something worthwhile!

  4. I can see why Mom doesn’t want to put down the Alphie The Squid Game. I would be doint the same! I like the idea of education with fun for children. I also think that violent games are dangerous for children and adults. Have fun with Alphie. I know he’s something special to children and adults too.

  5. eeeeeew I hate sharks and hopefully Alphie inks his way away from them every time lol To be honest I probably would play around with this App as much as the kids. I like that they donate a $1 too. Thanks for sharing this new app with us.

  6. I’m not an avid gamer (no video games, but not even on iOS or Android either) and just thinking about navigating through all the games available seems like a serious task. I also know that it’s hard to find age-appropriate games if you don’t pay very close and careful attention, as everything is available at the click of a button and sometimes you don’t know what you’re going to get. Alphie the Squid game sounds like one of the ones that you could trust for your children just because of its description but also the collaboration with Monterey aquarium. The visual graphics do look very well fine and well done. Alphie looks cute too! But I think the trivia that can be learned really makes this an interesting game fit for all school-aged kids. Thanks for the review, now I know of at least one game that I can find for my younger relatives!

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