Amy Adele: Peace Sign Flat Card

Peace Sign Flat CardAmy Adele stationery is perfect for notes to send to your family and friends. Designs are available in incredible variety of designs include seasonal themes, fun critters, floral themes, and many, many more. The flat cards are so versatile.You can use them as invitations, announcements, thank you notes, or just to send a "hello" to a friend! 

Peace Sign Flat CardI like that the Peace Sign flat card can be personalized to fit your needs. I made the cards with my site name "SaraLee's Deals Steals & Giveaways" on them. I will use them when I have to send out thank you notes or when I send out my winner's prizes. I like that the cards come with envelopes to make them more personable. There so many ways the cards can be used. To order the cards the process was very easy to follow and only took a few minutes to complete. Check out all the neat items at Amy Adele today.

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Peace Sign card

Disclaimer: I got the Peace Sign cards free to do this product review and was not paid for my response.

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7 thoughts on “Amy Adele: Peace Sign Flat Card

  1. Very cool. The design is cheerful and colorful but still leaves you plenty of room for a message. You name looks great, too.

  2. Cute style and text! Great way to give your notes some flair and fun. Very convenient that they come with envelopes.

  3. The colors are fun and the lettering grabs your attention. High quality. Plus, I like how your full site name fits on one line without looking squished.

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