April’s Pet Product Roundup 2018

I get products sent to me daily to try out. I unfortunately don’t have time to do a post for each item that I get to review. So I want to make sure these items get seen and learned about. The only other solution I could see to do is to do a April’s Pet Product Roundup 2018 on the products I like and want my readers to know about. I hope you enjoy these as much as I and my other reviewers did.

Keep your four-legged friend looking and feeling her best with Zesty Paws Omega-3 Salmon Bites EPA & DHA Support Chews for Dogs. These scrumptious salmon-flavored chewables are loaded with salmon meal and wild Alaskan salmon oil to deliver superior omega-3 and 6 EPA fatty acids that support a brilliant coat, strong immunity and a healthy heart. DHAgold®, an essential DHA fatty acid, is included to provide extra nourishment for her skin and coat, while also strengthening brain and cardiovascular health. In addition, Biotin–a powerful B-complex vitamin–works with the salmon oil to revitalize dry, itchy skin and restore shine to dull, brittle coats.

Glandex is an oral supplement specifically designed for gland problems in dogs and cats with guaranteed results. This innovative formula was developed by leading veterinarians and is a scientific breakthrough for gland problems. Glandex is a much more effective alternative to frequent gland expressing which can lead to further irritation of the glands. Formulated with key ingredients, Glandex works from the inside out to target the underlying causes of gland problems and helps your pet empty their glands naturally. That means that your pet will need less frequent emptying of the glands and will feel more comfortable. Glandex’ s proprietary formula is not only highly effective and safe, but it is also easy to use and has a taste that your pet will love. With Glandex you can finally “boot the scoot” and say goodbye to your dog’s gland problems.

PetTastic Designer Comfort Padded Dog Collar is all about COMFORT and STYLE. It is the time to let the spirit of Spring spread and make your cuties unique with our spring floral garden collection. Treat this important member of family the best because he or she is the V.I.Pet!

~ Neoprene lining for maximum comfort and quick-dry capabilities.
~ Fashionable printed durable high-density polyester webbing strap for beauty and style.
~ Eco-friendly plastic buckles and chrome coated metal leash ring for added safety
~ Specialized ID-Tag-Only loop design for easing the worry of losing your loved ones.
~ Available in 8 unique patterns with beautifully crafted print and fun vibrant color.
~ Suitable for all dogs, male or female.


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