Bandelettes: Anti Chafing Glamorous Thigh Bands

BandelettesBandelettes – Anti Chafing Elastic thigh bands – 6" in length, made of delicate lace with non slip silicone stripes to protect inner thigh skin from rubbing. Non slip silicone holds bands in place without moving or slipping.  Bandelettes lightly wrap around your thighs and create a barrier between them, providing full comfort and decorating legs at the same time.

Bandelettes became fashionable accessory for any women's wardrobe, could be worn even there is no chafing problem  – just to spice up the look.

Bandelettes come in 6 sizes and different colors.


I really like how the Bandeletts fit and feel on my thighs. I wear them when ever I am wearing a skirt or a dress. I also like wearing these with my pants when I know I am going to be doing a lot of walking around. Besides from keeping my thighs from chafing I like the overall look that they give to my outfit. With being a plus size women I found the Bandeletts in my size and they fit perfectly. I have recommended the Bandeletts to all my friends as I really like them and feel others will too.

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Disclaimer: I got the Bandeletts free to do this product review and was not paid for my response.

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14 thoughts on “Bandelettes: Anti Chafing Glamorous Thigh Bands

  1. These are a great idea. Us women that have a little more weight could use these. I think whoever came up with these is thoughtful and knows what can happen. THanks for reviewing

  2. Never heard of thigh bands before but a very interesting and innovative idea. I can see where it would be helpful and help you to be comfortable. I like the style, too. Not plain and ugly at all but keeps you feeling feminine.

  3. I wish these were available when I was a child/teen! I could’ve really used them. Especially when I was a nursing student and we were forced to wear these blue pinstripe uniform dresses. Hated them. I would wear cut-off jeans shorts underneath the uniform to keep my thighs from chafing. To this day, I rarely will wear dresses.

  4. These are very cute. I have really large thighs so I have chafing issues & these would come in handy for me. I had no idea they made these. Thanks for the review.

  5. Wow, these are great! I haven’t seen them before, so thank you for sharing. I like the idea of using them to spice things up a bit!

  6. I LOVE these! The concept is one of absolute necessity for most plus sized women. The fact that they fit well and provide function at the same time is just great!

  7. These are such a great idea. I have recently lost weight so that my thighs do not rub together anymore but my daughter still has the problem. I had the problem for over 30 years and would have been tickled to death to find something like this. They really do their job but are nice looking too,

  8. This is a great idea- to take something so useful and also make it sexy and comfortable. They look wonderful in the photo.

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