Barbecue Grill Lantern Light


If you are looking for a BBQ grill light that lives up to its promise, you've come to the right place. The Kuisiware "Grill Lantern" barbecue grill light will help you cook the perfect BBQ each and every time, leaving your friends and family wanting more.

– 10 super bright LED lights for the best illumination during the darkest nights
– swivels 180 degrees horizontally and vertically for full coverage of your grill
– heat-resistant ABS with a black, smooth finish for the ultimate stylish look
– up to 12 hours of power provided by 3 AA batteries (included in the package)
– adjustable screw-on clamp for fast and easy installation on almost any grill handle, round, oval or square (max diam/width: 1.45" (3.7cm)
– the touch-sensitive on/off button makes it extremely easy to operate. You can turn the grill light on or off by touching it with almost anything

No more frustration due to poor lighting, unpractical head lamps or BBQ grill lights that are hard to operate, bulky, and just not bright enough. Enjoy your nighttime grilling sessions with the help of this high quality handle-mount grill light!


The Barbecue Grill Lantern Light was just what we needed. My husband loves to grill and we are always having cookouts that go into the dark of night. Now with the Barbecue Grill Lantern Light we are able to see what we are cooking without having to hold a flash light over the grill. The clamp on the Barbecue Grill Lantern Light works great and holds the light where we need it. The easy on/off button is a plus as the slightest touch turns the light on or off, you can even work it with your elbow. I highly recommend the Barbecue Grill Lantern Light for anyone that likes to grill. This would also make a great gift for campers or even hunters.


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33 thoughts on “Barbecue Grill Lantern Light

  1. I have never seen the Barbecue Grill Lantern Light. I would love to try one and let everyone know how great it is.

  2. Steaks for sure! But grilled pineapple is pretty yummy too. We grill a lot of things, and could really use this light. It’s too dark to grill outside after dark.

  3. We grill an awful lot (Even in the Winter if we can!) My all time favorite is to grill marinated steak on the grill along with baked potatoes!!!! YUMMY!!! Haven’t had much steak lately due to our home financial situation. But Still Grilling, hot dogs, hamburgers and anything we can! Thanks, Michele 🙂

  4. My oldest son barbecues for us around the year and in the winter it gets dark early and this light would be perfect. Thank you for the review.

  5. I would love to try out one of these lights. It is getting dark earlier now and we love to grill out

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