Best Natural Bully Sticks: 100% Beef Grain-Free Dog Treats #bullysticks

Bully SticksMORE THAN JUST ENTERTAINING YOUR DOG! Did you know that chewing gives dogs a sense of comfort calming them down? More than that, chewing on BULLY STICKS becomes a fun and natural way to CLEAN TEETH and keep them strong. This delicious long-lasting chewing treat helps to maintain your dog's oral hygiene and health.
ALL NATURAL, 100% PURE BEEF. Bully sticks are free of chemical, preservatives or additives. Made of dried muscle, they are Gluten-Free and Grain-Free, 100% digestible. Hard like bones, it is very difficult to break them into smaller pieces. Choose something remarkable and safe to satisfy your dog's cravings to chew.
DELICIOUS AND HEALTHY. Low in fat, our bully sticks are a powerful source of protein. Stop feeling guilty by giving your dog unhealthy treats. You will be pleased to see how happy your dog will be with our yummy bully sticks.
THE BEST VALUE! Bully Sticks offer the same or better benefits than the more expensive brands BUT Bully Sticks believes EVERYONE should benefit from giving their dogs the highest quality like bully sticks. Other brands will either have bad products for a lower price or the same product for a lot more money. TRY IT NOW! You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to GAIN.

DukeMy dog Duke at first was very careful taking his first Bully Stick as he didn't know what it was. Duke is an older dog and he chews on his Bully Stick for about 3 days before it is gone. I like that this is a treat that lasts more than a few minutes with my dog. Duke spends 10 minutes here and there chewing on his Bully Stick and keeps it close to his bed at all times. The cats know not to go by the Bully Stick as Duke has made it clear that they are his treat. I really feel this is a treat worth spending my money on for my dog Duke.


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4 thoughts on “Best Natural Bully Sticks: 100% Beef Grain-Free Dog Treats #bullysticks

  1. Bully sticks are very healthy for your dogs and great for their teeth. They come in different sizes and thicknesses for different sized dogs. Great for avid chewers too.

  2. I’ve heard an awful lot about these Bully Sticks and they are healthy for our pets to eat! All natural, However, My 2 Shih Tzu’s are extremely picky when it comes to treats. If I were to give them a Bully Stick, the first one done with theirs will go to the other’s treat. They end up fighting! It’s a horrible sound to hear! I would love to give them something all natural and good for them, however, I don’t like them fighting! Maxie, the older one will eat carrots & green peppers for a treat. The other younger one, Summer, who we rescued, won’t generally take any treats! They are like night and day! But, I love them just the same! Thanks for sharing the information on Bully Sticks with all of us! I do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂

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