Blacklight Flashlight #uvsight

blacklightWith our blacklight flashlight, your questions will be answered! All you need to do is use the flashlight in a dark room and start your search…those illusive stains with light up on your carpet like Christmas lights on a tree…very big lights!

It also comes in very handy to detect if certain people in your household are 'missing' the bowl, or if you the cleaner is cutting corners when they wipe down the bench top and oven.

Whatever you choose to use it for, you'll be soo glad that you did…after the initial shock of your discoveries are over.

Blacklight nailsI wasn't able to find any pet stains with the blacklight but my nails looked great under it. My husband likes the blacklight for work as the boxes he does at work will mark defected boxes with ink that will light up under the blacklight.

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7 thoughts on “Blacklight Flashlight #uvsight

  1. There aren’t to many uses for this,except
    it would be helpful to see where your dog might do their duty.

  2. This is really cool! I would get one but with my family, I’d be really afraid to turn my light out. lol

  3. Very cool. Besides the normal household uses, the grandkids would have a lot of fun with it and we could do some great science and detective experiments.

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