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Bo Po Worx Toys is re-launching the original Brush It On and Peel It Off nail polish with improved formula & vibrant colors
We are bringing back the memories, vibrancy, smells, smiles, and the fun of brushing on and peeling off of Bo-Po nail polish that was originally made popular in the 80s by Tinkerbell Play Cosmetics.  Many popular toys of the 80s might have left the toy shelves off and over the years but they never left the hearts and memories of those that played with them.  Now, the little girls who grew up with these toys are now parents and can create new memories with their kids of painting their nails, blowing gently on the fingertips to dry them, and then peeling it off to start again with the new and improved Bo-Po nail polish.
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Reformulated to meet today's stringent safest standards, Bo-Po nail plush brushes on and peels off in seconds to start fresh again and again.  Available in 10 vibrant colors to match every mood and style, the new Bo-Po features a sweet vanilla smell and a spill-proof bottle which is perfect for little hands playing beauty shop, pop star, or dressing up for a special outing.  And the best part of Bo-Po is that it is non-toxic without harsh smelling chemicals, and kids can simply peel off the polish without the need of any acetone which can damage nails.
With the new Bo-Po line, kids can experience fun, spontaneity and amazement of brushing on and peeling off.

Bo Po in use My niece applied the pink Bo-Po nail polish herself and she is 7. The polish dried fairly quickly. When it came to peeling the Bo-Po polish off, the polish came off in chunks rather than one big chunk. There was polish residue left behind on the toes that came off in the bath. We even let the polish dry longer to see if we could it to peel off in one big piece but it kept coming off in pieces. My niece likes being able to do the Bo-Po polish herself. With that being said I would buy more of the Bo-Po polish as I think this is a great learning tool and a confidence builder.

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9 thoughts on “Bo-Po Nail Polish #bopofun

  1. How fun! A great way for girls to paint their own nails then peel it off and change it. Glad that they are coming back and making sure to continue their safety practices.

  2. I remember a friend getting nail polish that was peelable for my daughters when they were small. They were old enough that I didn’t have to worry about them tasting it. Still, I didn’t totally trust it’s safety…

  3. They have color changing lip balm, and an ice cream flavor. My granddaughter would love it.

  4. I love that it peels off my daughter can do her nails without the smelly polish remover

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