Boshel tm bicycle hands free dog leash #boshelbicyclehandsfreedogleash


Introducing the Safe, Simple Way to Enjoy Cycling While Walking Your DogWhy take time out of your busy schedule to bike and to take your pooch on a walk when you can do both at once?

The Boshel Hands Free Dog Bike Leash makes it possible for both of you to get the exercise that you need to lead healthy lives from activities that you both's how
• The Boshel Hands Free Dog Bike Leash is a revolutionary dog leash that attaches to nearly all bicycle models and locks securely in place.
• Attaches to your bicycle's frame and is ready to head outdoors to exercise In just 5 minutes.
• you can use the included hardware to install the bike leash onto your bicycle
• At a weight of just 16 ounces, the dog bike leash won't weigh you down or make it difficult for you to pedal, even on challenging off-road terrains.
• It will keep your hands completely free, so that you can steer, signal and brake as usual
• . The leash measures 14 inches in length, giving dogs a perfect amount of lead to maintain a comfortable pace during every stroll,.With the Boshel Hands Free Dog Bike Leash, it's easy to ensure that your dog stays safe while you're out for your walk and ride.
• The leash design keeps your dog close by your side but at a safe distance to avoid injury.
• If you should suffer an accident while on your ride, the leash will stay securely attached to the bike, so your dog doesn't stray.
• When you're heading out for a solo ride or stop off at the dog park for some play, you can detach the dog leash in a single second and use it as a traditional hand-held leash design.
• There is no special training required. If your dog can use an ordinary dog leash, he or she can use the Boshel Hands Free Dog Bike Leash! just click add to cart and Order yours today.


Now this is a product we can use for our dogs. My husband had the Boshel tm bicycle hands free dog leash installed on the bike in a mater of a minute. The hands free leash was very easy to attach the bicycle. Duke took right to the leash on the bike without any problems and he had never used one before. The hands free leash goes on and comes off with ease and can be put on any bicycle that is being used. Now our dog can go for a walk when my son or husband goes for a bike ride up to the gas station or store. My family can't wait for summer to hit so we can use this. Right now we are snowed in with over two foot of snow so no bike riding here.

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  1. I don’t like this because. What if you are riding to fast?? and what if you get into a accident?? My Sister roller bladed with her dog and she was going to fast… The pads on her dog’s paws were all cracked open and bleeding.

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