Bring It UP Instant Breast Lift

Bring It UP Instant Breast Lift Product Description:
Transparent, waterproof and hypoallergenic, Bring It Up breast lifts offer full support while providing instant lift and desired repositioning. Applied to the top of your breast, medical grade tape gently lifts loose skin for a natural, more youthful appearance. Eliminates ugly back fat and bra cup overflow. Perfect for wearing with minimal-support or strapless bras, they also help remove excess weight from your shoulders for comfort you can feel and confidence you can see.

 Includes eight (8) pairs of disposable breast lifts
*Transparent, waterproof/sweat-proof and hypoallergenic
 100% medical grade adhesive tape manufactured exclusively by 3M
** This is a Made in the USA product **

beafterBring It UP Instant Breast Lift is very easy to use. If you can put a band aide on then, You can put these on. The breast lifts can be cut down to fit your needs. I can see these being great for when you are wearing a backless dress or a dress, shirt or sweater where wearing a bra just wont look right. I was able to put the lifts on in about 30 seconds for each breast. I like wearing these with a few of my shirts that have a built in bra which doesn't give much support. I have to say that Bring It UP Instant Breast Lift is a must have to keep in your beauty arsenal for when you will need them.

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Bring It UP Instant Breast Lift

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15 thoughts on “Bring It UP Instant Breast Lift

  1. This looks like an effective solution. I’m wondering if it lasts until you remove it, or if it gradually starts to become unstuck on its own.

  2. Never heard of this but looks like it works very well. I’m glad that it is easy to use and comfortable to wear.

  3. I had not seen these before. This looks great what a big difference in the picture I could see using these especially in the summer in tank tops.

  4. These would be great for that extra lift that you don’t get from wearing a bra,But my boobs are already huge .I would be afraid they would look way too big.

  5. I like everything about this product including that Bring It Up Instant Breast Lifts are made in the USA. I know I could use these.

  6. Are these available anywhere? I would like to try these, but well, I have one problem… I sweat. Are these made to hold up against sweat, if they are put on dry? I’d love to know what your experiences have been.

  7. The before and after photo of the difference between the 2 breasts really show a difference. This would be great for anyone with larger breasts – unlike me.

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