HoneyBaked Ham is what we are having for Easter dinner #HoneyBakedEaster

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are mine.

DSCN2783DSCN2785I love my HoneyBaked Ham store in Grand Rapids, MI. My husband works by this store and knows that if I am not feeling good he can stop in and order me a sandwich. The sandwiches are so good and always bring a smile to my face. Over the years we have grown to know the employees and love their recommendations. I never thought of getting a turkey at a HoneyBaked Ham store but oh are they so very good and I am I listened and tried it. Now when the holidays roll around there is no discussion on what we will be serving.

DSCN2777Shopping for my Easter dinner was easy. I went into the store and asked what specials were going on and went from there. Each store has different specials so it is always a great idea to ask. I got a boneless ham, boneless turkey breast and two sides. The choices you can make are endless. I always get extra meat so we can have left overs.

DSCN2780My HoneyBaked Ham store even had bags of beans & peas on display to give you an idea of making soup with your left over meat. I thought this was a great idea.

DSCN2799Now my life is like many others and no matter how hard I plan to try to have dinner done at a certain time something happens or someone calls to put dinner at a latter time. On this day that I was cooking this dinner I had planed to have it at 3pm but then my husband got caught up in work till 6pm. Being that this meal is an easy heat and serve meal I was able to put it off and spend time with the friends and family that I had over at the house. What I thought was going to be a disaster turned out to be a fun time. When I got the call my husband was going to be on his was I put my sides in the oven first and mixed up some instant potatoes and put them in the oven too. After my husband came home I put the meat in the oven for 20 minutes with a pan of biscuits. When dinner was ready everyone was very ready to eat.

DSCN2804The food was great and I got to spend quality time with my friends and family. Everyone loved the food and for the time it saves me in the kitchen is well worth the price I paid for it. You can add some of you own items to make it more your own meal if you want like I did. My instant mashed potatoes with cheese are always a hit and went great with this meal.

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Tuna Squish #TunaSquish


The Tuna Squish let's you open canned tuna without smelling like one! It's a handheld can press that drains the liquid, removes and ejects the lid from canned tuna (and other cans) with minimal human contact. Never touch your tuna!

4a4ddb511707da11a0cdd9dcc69ca1b55d8a5b0cSimple. Easy. Delicious.

Whether you are a tuna lover, a healthy eater, an athlete or a brainiac you can rest assured, with the Tuna Squish you will never have to touch your tuna again.


I really like this product! It is cute, unique and works like a charm 🙂 And even though it is made for Tuna you can use this to drain liquid from any small can that would fit 🙂 The TunaSquish works great on Tuna cans though, you just open with the can opener or tab and set the can right in the middle of the TunaSquish and hold it over the sink and turn over while holding it. VOILA the liquid drains out and you don't have to worry about losing half of your meat. I like to pour the tuna liquid over my cats food and this helps me do it with ease. Definitely a great product and would be very easy for kids to use as well. You will never have to touch the tuna juice again!

DSCN9864DSCN9866Now for the giveaway: One lucky person will win a Tuna Squish. This is open to US and ends 1/26/15 @ 11:59 pm est. To enter, Simply do the tasks on the Giveaway Tools widget below and you're set to have a chance to win! Remember you can't win if you don't enter. It only takes one entry to win!

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KitchCo Premium Silicone BBQ Gloves #silicongloves

DSCN9793Silicone Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves For Temperatures Up To 446F (230°C)
    The Grill Gloves have a Raised Texture. They are Flexible, Light, Durable and Easy to Clean
    A No-Slip Five Finger Design With a Strong Grip that Allows Safe Movement Of Hot Pans, Food and Racks
    100 % Waterproof Premium Grade FDA Approved Silicone – Hot Liquids Can't Reach Your Skin – Grab Food in boiling water
    These BBQ Gloves are Easy To Clean and Dishwasher Safe

DSCN9795I find that the KitchCo premium silicone BBQ gloves are great for quick work handling hot items. I found that these gloves let heat in with in a few seconds if handling hot right out of the oven pans or dishes. However these work great for handling items on the grill. My husband can turn kabobs, potatoes, corn and meat on the grill with these gloves without any issues. Now my husband uses these gloves every time he grills.

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KitchCo Heat Resistant Meat Handling Claws #bbqclaws

DSCN9797The Meat Claws are the perfect pair for lifting, shredding and pulling all of your favorite meats.
    Made from Heat Resistant and easy to clean Nylon.
    Great for Indoor and Outdoor Cooking!
    Excellent Handlers to Toss salads, Lift a roast or turkey, Grab a baked potato, Pull and shred…The uses are endless!
    Heat resistant to 450°F


 These KitchCo heat resistant meat handling claws are very unique and they look like big bear claws. They are made of hard plastic and are very strong. You hold each one in your hand and each one has six large claws on it. When using the meat claws while making pulled pork they came in extremely handy. When I finished cooking the pork in the crock pot all day, I needed to remove the meat and I was easily able to remove the tender meat with these claws. The meat was very tender and was falling apart like crazy but these have six different claws on each hand and it supports the tender meat very well so it could be easily removed. Then it was time to shred the meat. This process usually takes a fair amount of time when using two forks and fingers to shred the meat. It was very simple with these claws and only took a very small fraction of the time. You just put the meat on a cutting board and rip into it with the claws. You can hold it in place with one claw while ripping into it with the other claw. This process is very simple and I really love these claws for this purpose. I was able to shred the huge hunk of pork in about a minute and thirty seconds. I liked this process so much better than using forks and my fingers. Clean up is a cinch since you can put these in the dishwasher.

What could you use these KitchCo heat resistant meat handling claws for?

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Sunsella Silicone Egg Rings #sunsellaeggrings

Egg RingsProduct Description
Made from the high quality 100% food safe BPA free silicone
4-inch size is perfect for egg muffins or mini pancakes
High-grade stainless steel handle with stay cool silicone pad for easy removal from pan
Easy fold down handle for cooking with lid on and storage
Professional looking perfectly round pancakes and eggs every time

Egg RingsI was excited to try the Sunsella Silicone Egg Rings. I went out and bought eggs, cheese and bagels so I could make a fried egg sandwich for dinner. I bought medium size eggs and used a medium size fry pan. I took my rings out and heated my fry pan up. I cracked my egg and dumped it in the ring. To my disappointment the egg leaked out. I wasn't happy with the Sunsella Silicone Egg Ring. I am going to have to play around with these some more when I cook to see if it was my pan or try a different ring. I didn't have time to try more eggs as I was pressed for time. I hope to try these rings again this weekend when I cook the family breakfast. You can purchase the Sunsella Silicone Egg Rings on Amazon today to try them out for yourself as I might not of used them with the right fry pan.

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Baker’s Mat – Silicone Baking Mat

Disclosure: SDSG got this product as part of an advertorial.

baker's matThe silicone mat replaces the need for parchment paper and cooking sprays. FDA approved, dishwasher safe, also cleans easily with soap and water. Lays flat, great for baking cookies, rolling dough, making candy or pizza dough. The Baker's Mat easily handles the extreme temperatures of the freezer, microwave and all types of ovens, and even the dishwasher. Withstands temperatures from -40°F to 480°F (-40°C to 249°C).

baking matI am in love with this Baker's Mat. I can take cookies that my mom made up for me and bake them on this mat or to cool on the mat. I never use anything like this before and I love how flexible this Baker's mat is. No more cookie sheets being ruin because of residue. This mat can be rolled up for easy storage. I can clean this Baker's Mat with a soapy sponge and one wipe. The quality is great and so far it has held up to my abuse with no signs of wear. I LOVE IT!!!

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