Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Leather Care Liniment No. 1

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Leather Milk Leather Care

Leather Care Liniment No. 1 is a milky, water-based natural leather care recipe containing some remarkable leather enriching ingredients. This product contains oils that can be described as ‘lighter’ rather than ‘heavier’ oil types; and, because the product is water-based, it also works as a mild cleaner.  In practical terms what this means is that for leather items that benefit from being ‘refreshed’ frequently, without having to worry about overloading your leather with oils and conditioners…Leather Care Liniment is the perfect solution!  For instance, leather coats, bags, auto interiors, and furniture…these are the kinds of things that are exposed to public scrutiny and human touch on a regular basis.  You can use Leather Care Liniment often, for a quick, effective, cleaning and revitalizing result.

Just as milk is a primary nutrient for so much of animal and human life, so Chamberlain’s Leather Milk is for all things leather.  Those who buy our products tend to be people who own quality leather items (leather furniture, luxurious auto interiors, leather briefcases, purses, and luggage); and, they tend to be people who know how to take care of their good stuff.  This is how it is with quality leather goods: the leather needs to be cared for in a particular way and in regular fashion for it to look its best and last for years to come.  Chamberlain’s Leather Milk was created for just this purpose!  Made from natural, leather-nutrient-rich ingredients; concocted from natural oils and conditioners, plus a few highly classified mystical properties…Chamberlain’s Leather Milk will feed, strengthen, and beautify your leather goods.  Try it on your leather coat and matching gloves, or your motorcycle gear…we even have something for your hunting boots!  Start Milking your leather today!

before and afterMy friend used the Chamberlain's Leather Milk Leather Care Liniment No. 1 on her leather furniture and you can really see a difference. The leather looked faded and dingy before using the leather milk. You can see it in the before pictures. After the use of the Chamberlain's Leather Milk Leather Care Liniment No. 1 the leather looked shiny and new. You can really see the leather looking better. My friend also used this in her car on her seats and it made them look new like the day she bought the car. The smell of the Chamberlain's Leather Milk Leather Care Liniment No. 1 is very pleasant and I really like it. My husband just bought a motorcycle and the leather bags look really bad on it and we can't wait to use the leather milk on them.

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  1. I learned that Chamberlain’s does leather repair, I have a great purse that has a tear so I think I am going to look into it.

  2. I learned that using Chamberlain’s Leather Conditioner can make the leather on boots and furniture look like new.and it has a pleasant smell. I’d like to recondition some of my purses and see if they will get spiffy in a jiffy.

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