Cheese Thinables: The ONLY Half-calorie Crackers!

Cheese ThinablesGet the only cheese crackers that taste just like Cheese Nips (or Cheez-Its), but with literally half the calories!

  • Tangy Cheese cracker taste
  • 11g fiber per package (44% of your Daily Value!)
  • Each package has about 30 crackers
  • Just 60 calories per oz – compare to 140 in Cheeze-Its®
Cheese Thinables®
Cheese Nips®
Special K
Cracker Chips
Serving Size 1 oz 1 oz 1 oz
Calories 60 140 110
Fiber 11g Less than 1g 3g

Cheese Thinables If your looking for a healthier snack then your going to want to try Cheese Thinables. The crackers tasted like others that are comparable. The Cheese Thinables are a great snack if you are counting calories and wanting more fiber in your diet. My son liked the crackers and didn't even know they were healthier for him.

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back of bag

Disclaimer: I got the Cheese Thinables free to do this product Review and was not paid for my response.

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6 thoughts on “Cheese Thinables: The ONLY Half-calorie Crackers!

  1. I love cheese crackers and it would be great to have a healthier one to choose. However, I’d have to check the label for where all that fiber is coming from, since some high fiber foods have ingredients that don’t agree with my digestive system!

  2. ooo i need to look for these next time i go to the store. i am on a diet but i have a hard time giving up certain foods and cheeze its is one.

  3. These look really good! I am always looking for a healthier alternative for my hubby and I! This would be a good selection, thanks for sharing!

  4. I absolutely love Cheeze Its. But I like what you presented about the Cheese Thinables. If they taste similar to Cheeze its and have half the calories that is impressive.

  5. A great snack and a shape you know. I bet many would think they were cheez its. It’s great all the calories and fat you save by choosing these. Plus lots of fiber.

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