Child Safety NEW Electrical Outlet Cover

Outlet Cover1The coverPlug is a better way to cover electrical outlets from children's curious fingers by putting a visual and physical barrier over the outlet.

Paint It
Use the same paint used on the surrounding walls for an
exact match.  The coverPlug is the only child safety
product that is made of a material that is paint-able.

Press It Into Place
The posts on the back of the coverPlug align with the
ground openings of a double outlet.  No tools are
necessary, just press it firmly into place.  Remove the
coverPlug if the outlet is needed and repaint/re-use as
your decor changes.  It's easy to childproof your home.

Outlets Disappear
The entire outlet is covered and, when painted, the
coverPlug will blend perfectly with the surrounding
wall. Removable by an adult, but secure enough that a
child will not be able to pull it out. By creating
seamless walls, the coverPlug provides a visual and
physical barrier to the outlet.

Outlet CoverThe coverPlug is a perfect item to protect your child. I like that the cover can be painted to match any decor. I would recommend the coverPlug for any child care facility, doctors office, school and home with young children. Since I don't have any young children in my home I gave my coverPlug to my son's counselor for her office. Now the counselor is recommending these to patients and other co workers.

CoverPlugYou can connect with coverPlug today to start protecting your child


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5 thoughts on “Child Safety NEW Electrical Outlet Cover

  1. Interesting and innovative update for a useful product. Child safety is so important and outlet covers are a big part of it. People will like that they can keep their children safe and have the cover blend into the wall.

  2. These covers are a great idea. When my son was little, we had the standard type of protectors that just plugged into each outlet. What I like about these is that they completely cover and conceal the entire outlet so there is much less chance that a child would find it and be curious about what it is. Also since you can paint it to match the wall, you can use them as a decorative cover to conceal the outlet or even highlight them. Thanks for the info.

  3. I need these really bad , I have like 40 outlets in my apartment.. Every time my grandson comes over he’s always near one or two.These would be great to keep little fingers out of the holes.

  4. These are much better than what I used to use. They not only completely cover,but also conceal the outlet (especially if painted over)

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