Chocolate & Confetti Cake Whoopie pies

nov2013 121I never made a Whoopie pie before but now that I have I can't wait to make them again. I got a Sweet Creations by Good Cook nonstick Whoopie pie pan with 12 wells to try out. I wanted to do confetti cake and my husband wanted chocolate so I decided to use both cake mixes. I bought the two cake mixes on sale for a dollar each. I made the cake mixes as the box directed for each one. I then poured the cake batter in the whoopie pan and baked at the temp the on the cake mix box. The cake was done in about 10 minutes. I then set the cake aside to cool while I baked another set. I had baked all the cakes with in an hour. I then used a tub of vanilla frosting to stick my cakes together to make the Whoopies. I mixed and matched the cakes to make a bunch of different styles of Whoopie pies. After I was all done my husband and son came home from deer hunting and they loved the Whoopie pies. My family is all about quick and portable snacks.

Batter Babies in useThese Whoopie pies were so easy to make and my family had them gone with in a few days. I would of never thought of making these on my own so I am glad I got to try out the Whoopie pan. I have a few other ideas I want to make with this pan so be on the look out for more posts.

Eating whoopie pie

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Sweet Creations by Good Cook prize pack

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One thought on “Chocolate & Confetti Cake Whoopie pies

  1. I haven’t either made a Whoopie pie before. Chocolate is my favorite in any form its available in. I would try this recipe and most likely add chocolate frosting or cream on the inside.

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