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Naturally soothes boys and girls ages 1+ head bumps, bruises,  fever symptoms, migraines, headaches, ear infection symptoms, and more in a fun, easy, and effective way with the Cool Gel N Cap. Why buy just ice packs, cold packs, or warm packs when you can have a Cool Gel N Cap? The gel packs that come with your Cool Gel N Cap can be used ANYWHERE it hurts, inside or out of the cap, anywhere on the body. AND… the non-toxic, latex free gel packs can be used cold AND warm, unlike conventional ice packs or cold packs. This gives you the benefit of both a cold compress & warm compress for anywhere it hurts AND a cozy cap! The Cool Gel N Cap is more comfortable on the head for the child than a traditional ice pack, cold pack, or especially a bag of frozen vegetables as the fabric is not only designed to be cozy, but also remove the sting of ice packs on the skin while letting the cool and warm therapy still get through. The cap also is designed to eliminate the condensation associated with cold packs and ice packs. Works perfectly as a cold compress or warm compress, soothing pain and reducing swelling. The cold compress of the Cool Gel N Cap is great for little ones suffering from Hemophilia, as it slows the flow of blood to the affected area. The Cool Gel N Cap is also a cozy solution for kids suffering from Dravet Syndrome as it is a comfortable way to keep cool during a fever. You will receive 1 Cool Gel N Cap, and 2 Reusable and Durable Gel Packs.

–  Soothe your child’s everyday  bumps, bruises,  fever symptoms, ear infection symptoms, migraines and headaches in a natural, holistic, easy, and fun way with the only first aid cap for kids!

–  Your Cool Gel N Cap makes first aid fun for kids and life easier for mom by providing your child with a playful alternative to drippy dishrags filled with ice or a bag of frozen vegetables on the head, and you’re hands free while providing soothing relief to your child.

–  Alleviate the sting of  ice packs on the skin, throw away those drippy dish rags, and melt away the pain, not the ice!  🙂


Where was this when I was a kid or even when my son was little. I love the the whole idea of the Cool Gel N Cap. My young nephew and nieces are getting a lot of use out this. Between head bumps and just not feeling good the Cool Gel N Cap has come in handy. This is so simple to use and the child using it can lay with out having to hold anything to their head. This works out much better as there is no mess and the kids half the time forget they are wearing the Cool Gel N Cap. I recommend this as a gift for any child in your life. The gel packs work great on there own too as they help relieve the itching of a bug bite or sooth a bump from a fall or running into something.

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13 thoughts on “Cool Gel N Cap #holistic

  1. I Absolutely LOVE this idea! My grandson has terrible ear infections all of the time! He has had tubes put in twice already and he still is getting ear infections! I know that they hurt because he lets everyone know how much it hurts! He has asperger’s which is the highest functioning form of autism and he has major “melt downs”. It makes his temper go nuts and his “melt downs” worse when his ears are hurting so badly! This cap is just what he needs! I just love this product and I’ve learned that it’s been doctor approved and safe! It can be washed and used on any area of they body where something is hurting! Also, when he has his “melt downs” he generally hits his head or bangs his head on the floor, walls, doors, anything he can and he ends up with a lump on his forehead all the time! I would definitely love to win this for him because he’s the best candidate for this type of cap! I love the fact that it can be used for cold or warm as well! Thanks so much, Michele 🙂

  2. I want one! Those are adorable. Too bad it looks like they don’t have them for adults (at least through Amazon) – they’re probably awesome for migraines.

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