Copper Fit Compression Elbow Sleeve #CarolWrightGifts

9263964e36c3d7928bf54c61df6a16da271a95f1Relieve muscle stiffness, soreness and pain with Copper Fit™ elbow sleeve. Infused with the highest quality copper, this lightweight antimicrobial performance fabric provides comfortable compression for support and extended wear. Helps improve circulation, prevents strain and speeds healing. Polyester/spandex/copper. Machine wash and dry.


For some time now hubby and I have seen the commercials on TV for Copper Fit items and were thinking about buying some. Then I got the offer to review a product of choice and hubby picked out the Copper Fit Compression Elbow Sleeve. My hubby works in a factory lifting heavy items and has been putting in over time hours. The extra work has caused his elbow to hurt. Right for day one of wearing the elbow sleeve my hubby could feel a difference at the end of the day, his elbow wasn't really hurting. The elbow was sore but not in a hurting pain that was driving him nuts like before. Now after wearing the sleeve for a few weeks my hubby said his elbow gets a little sore at times but nothing like it was before wearing the Copper Fit Compression Sleeve. Hubby can't wait to get more of the Copper Fit items. I see my hubby wearing this daily so that is saying it works.

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5 thoughts on “Copper Fit Compression Elbow Sleeve #CarolWrightGifts

  1. The socks are awesome. If you are diabetic and suffer from he foot pain, cramps, and tiredness, you will be able to tell in just a couple of days, the difference they make. Do not know how they work, but they do and that’s all that matters! Thank you!

  2. (Copper Fit Compression Elbow Sleeve #CarolWrightGifts) I have seen these advertised on TV also and would like to try one out sometime. I woke up this morning with awful elbow pain from sleeping on my arm crazy last night-

  3. My husband needs one of these for his knee. I never believe that this type product actually worked, which is why we never bought any.

  4. This look very nice. My sons often have their knees bothering them. This could be the right fix. Thank you for sharing

  5. I just bought the Copper Hands for Arthritis Gloves. and I’m wearing them now. they are fingerless at the very tip to allow for using touch screens and to type. I have only worn them for an hour so I don’t know how well they work on my hands yet. I’m hopeful these will help. l hope they work for me as the elbow has helped your husband with the pain.

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