DayDreamer: Inclined Infant Chair For Napping or Lounging

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Day Dreamer is the ultimate sleeper for your little one!  Offering the perfect incline for napping or lounging, Day Dreamer is the most comfortable and versatile infant seat on the market today. Before Day Dreamer, finding a safe napping or lounging area outside of the nursery was difficult because moving portable play yards or bassinets around the house was so cumbersome. That’s why Day Dreamer was invented, so that you can be with your baby, while still being able to enjoy doing the other things you like to do. Whether you are exercising, working on your computer, or just reading your favorite book, you can be assured your precious one will feel like she is still being held snugly in your arms because Day Dreamer’s ergonomically designed seat is so incredibly comfy. This means a happier and more rested baby that will always be safely within your sight.             
Day Dreamer's ventilated core and moisture-wicking fabrics help keep your baby cooler by preventing unwanted heat build-up, and the unique seating design insures that soft toys and teethers will stay cleaner by preventing them from dropping over the side and onto the floor. Day Dreamer utilizes an ultra-stable base that rests securely on the ground, so you never have to worry about your baby falling. Day Dreamer also features an exclusive one-hand-release safety harness that is the easiest to use release system on the market today.  

Available in Powder Blue, Carnation Pink, and Sage Green.  The removable cover is machine washable. Please note that Day Dreamer is designed for babies 0-5 months.

Day DreamerMy friends 6 week old son loves the DayDreamer. The baby since birth has been suffering from severe spit up do from acid reflux. My friend had been trying to figure out a way to help her son to sleep without waking up do to spitting up. Well when I mentioned that I had the DayDreamer inclined infant chair, My friend was over in a flash to try it out. As you can see in the pictures her son was happy and was able to relax. After one night my friend had nothing about praise over using the DayDreamer chair and said her son for the first time slept for 6 hours solid without waking up do to his upset stomach. I myself found this chair very easy to use and feel that any new mom should request one of these for a baby shower gift.

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30 thoughts on “DayDreamer: Inclined Infant Chair For Napping or Lounging

  1. It seems to be a trend, but I like that you can easily wash it. It’s always strange when baby products cannot be easily washed.

  2. I learned that the DayDreamer offers baby a comfortable 28° incline. My 5 1/2 month old grandson could benefit from this because he suffers from reflux.

  3. I learned that Daydreamer adheres to all proposed federal laws and the CPSC-proposed standards to provide a safe, stable and uncluttered sleep environment that is unmatched in comfort for newborns and infants. I also love the colors they are available in! So, cute!

  4. I love the DayDreamer! What a brilliant concept. And you can tell just by looking at it, I mean you KNOW- just INTUITIVELY that it is going to be quantum leaps more comfortable, and probably safer too than any crib or bouncer could ever be! Which one would YOU rather sleep in/on?

    I think they are terrific – and visually appealing too. Thanks!

  5. I learned: Footed pajamas and sleep sacks are considered to be safer than loose blankets and will provide all the warmth your baby needs.

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