DormCo: Go Anywhere LED Flex Light

Go Anywhere LED Flex LightDorm products that have multiple uses or are most versatile tend to be the top sellers, which is why it is no wonder that our Go Anywhere LED Flex Light is among that group of products.  This dorm light is flexibly versatile to go just about anywhere! 

Top Features include:
•Most versatile dorm light

•Can flex to stand on your desk, go around your bedpost, textbook & more!

•16.5" Goose Neck – Super bright LED light

•Long Life Span – 1 Battery included

Go Anywhere LED Flex Light
The flexibility on the Go Anywhere LED Flex Light is great. I use my light daily for reading codes, going into my bedroom at night and not waking my hubby up and dare I say plucking hairs from my eyebrows. My son and hubby have used the Flex light too so I think I might need to get a few more so mine will stay where I left it. I can't get over how clever this light is.

LED Flex Light

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Flex light

I got the Go Anywhere LED Flex Light free to do this review and was not paid for my response.

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4 thoughts on “DormCo: Go Anywhere LED Flex Light

  1. That would be great for doing needlepoint or other crafts! The one that I am using has a halogen bulb which gets really hot and emits bad UV light. Guess I can add this one to my Christmas list!

  2. I bought my son a flex light similar to this one several years ago while he was at college and he loved it. It made those late nights studying a lot more bearable. My youngest son is heading off to college in January and will need one of these too. Thanks 🙂

  3. OMG!! I want this badly to put in my office!! And I absolutely LOVE the purple color because I am a HUGE Baltimore Ravens fan!!!

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