Easter 2013 with my Family

Hubby & I

Here is hubby & I before we go to my mom's house for dinner

My son & I

My son & I

Easter 2013 1

I love when we get all cleaned up for a holiday. I take as many pictures as I can.

Stuffed mushrooms

My mom made hubby's favorite: Stuffed Mushrooms

The dinner table

My mom loves to cook. We had ham, baked beans, green bean casserole, scalped potatoes, cream corn casserole,deviled eggs, stuffed black olives, dinner rolls and pistachio pudding. Dinner was great.

My mom & I

My wonderful mother & I.

The desserts my mom made

My mom made stuffed strawberries, Apple pie, pumpkin pie, Strawberry cheese cake and Blue berry cheese cake. I told you my mom loves to cook & bake.

Easter 2013

~ I hope you had a great Easter like I did ~

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4 thoughts on “Easter 2013 with my Family

  1. The pictures are very nice and food looked absolutely scrumptious!! Glad you and family had a terrific  Easter!

  2. You look like you had a happy Easter.  Your moms baking and choice of glasses (eyeglasses) are amazing!  Thanks for sharing these pictures ….  it's nice to see you as I read you so often..lol..  Cheers!

  3. Looks wonderful, great food. I love stuffed mushrooms, too. And luv everything else, even pistachio pudding – wow!

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