Epica Reversible De-Matting Comb with Safety Blades for Dogs and Cats #Dematting


Epica Reversible De-Matting Comb is ideal for all breeds with long, medium, wiry or curly hair.

Extra-Long Blades with Safety Edges
No more painful pulling, sawing or even possibly scratching your pet's skin. The smooth, curved edge slips safely next to his body while the serrated edge slices effortlessly through thick tangles and mats. Your grooming sessions go faster and he's much happier!

Blades Reverse for Right and Left Hands
If you're left-handed, you can still keep the smooth safety edges next to your pet's skin. Simply unscrew the nut at the top and reverse the blades so that they're positioned correctly for you to grip the handle with your thumb on the thumb rest.

Durable Stainless Steel with Non-Slip Grip
The Epica's stainless steel blades and thumb rest stand up to heavy use without rusting, scratching, bending or breaking. To minimize hand and wrist fatigue, the non-slip handle with ribbed neck give you a secure, comfortable grip.


With having two dogs, four cats and a rabbit the Epica reversible de-matting comb is a great to have on hand. I can use this on all my pets and it works great in all the different hair types.Duke sheds really bad in the fall and sping and gets the loose hair matted in his coat. With the Epica reversible de-matting comb I can brush him out and it doesn't hurt him. The hair comes out very easy and doesn't cause Duke any pain. My other pets like being brushed with the Epica reversible de-matting comb as the fur gets cleaned out and a fresh healthy coat is left. I give the Epica reversible de-matting comb 2 thumbs up while my pets will give it 4 paws up.

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