Euroflex Monster 600 XL Vacuum

monster600xlThe Monster 600XL is lightweight with huge suction power, making it the ultimate choice for convenient, powerful and durable cleaning. Transforming into a stick-vac in just seconds the Monster 600XL comes with a floor cleaning kit, enabling simple hardwood floors cleaning and features a pet brush attachment for easy removal of unwanted pet hair.Exclusive to the Monster brand, the expandable dust cup is the biggest in a compact vacuum. Unlike most upright vacuums, Euroflex has designed the Monster 600XL to easily clean stairs, upholstery, and access small, hard-to-reach areas in the home from floor to ceiling

Now this is a vacuum for my family. The Monster 600 xl works better than my normal every day vacuum. My husband vacuumed the around the couch in our front room, the rug and parts of the couch. The power that the Euroflex Monster 600 XL vacuum has for being so small is shocking.

vacuumAfter only 5 minutes the Monster 600 XL vacuum had picked up a bunch of pet hair and dander. We couldn't get over how much the vacuum had in the canister to be dumped. I like how easy the vacuum is to use and how convenient the vacuum is to store. I use this weekly in my house on my furniture and to clean out my truck as the vacuum is very portable and easy to maneuver.

Canister fullI told you the Euroflex Monster 600 XL vacuum worked great. The vacuum had filled the canister in the above picture after 5 minutes of use with all that pet hair. This was only a few days after I had used my full size everday vacuum in my home. I still get amazed at what the Euroflex Monster 600 XL vacuum picks up after every use. I highly recomend anyone with pet to get this.

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6 thoughts on “Euroflex Monster 600 XL Vacuum

  1. Wow it looks like it does a really good job. I have lots of birds and this vacuum would be perfect for their messes.

  2. This vacuum looks like the real deal for me.
    I like that is so light and can do furniture and under beds.

  3. How convenient and efficient. Love the high performance suction and portability. This would be perfect for my stairs and really all areas.

  4. I could really use a powerful vacuum. I have 5 animals and they are starting to shed for summer. This sounds like it has a lot of features that are great. Thanks for the review. I hadn’t heard of it before. Rita Spratlen

  5. Thank-you for the wonderful review on vacuum cleaner.I still think
    after reading the review,that this would be a great vacuum to own.

  6. The lightweight would be great for making this easy to take all around the house, especially nice for my stairs. Stairs are hard. They get a lot of wear, but it is a pain to lug the vacuum up and down them and try to clean. Would love to try this out.

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