Go Back to School with Fresh Breath and Clean Teeth

REACHReach Complete Care features an industry first: patent pending triple angle technology, providing three different angles of bristle cleaning ­left, straight and right.  The technology maximizes vertical surface contact for superior plaque removal and an unprecedented total mouth cleaning worthy of the name “complete."

REACHI was able to try the new Reach Complete Care tooth brushes for my family recently. My family loved the way our teeth felt clean after using the tooth brushes. My family has nice clean teeth and a fresh breath.


Now, Spiderman is not only cleaning up the streets, but also cleaning kids teeth with the NEW Spiderman Ready Go Toothbrush by Firefly and matching Spiderman Fluoride Foam Toothpaste. This Spiderman themed set will make not only kids happy, but parents as well!

My niece and nephew love using the Spiderman tooth brushes when brushing their teeth.

Brushing teeth

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2 thoughts on “Go Back to School with Fresh Breath and Clean Teeth

  1. Cool designs and great to help kids personalize and like their toothbrush. It’s great that Reach offers styles for all with a deep clean technology. You aren’t giving up quality to get the kids a toothbrush they will like.

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