Gold Toe Socks


Gold Toe Socks are made with the finest yarns and reinforced for longer, more comfortable wear.  Our toe seams are specially flattened for a smooth fit.  Our heels are always well rounded for support and comfort.

Gold Toe Socks have long been the smart choice because they fit better, feel better, and last longer.

socksWith the cold winter days here I have traded in my sandles and bare feet for socks and boots. I like the feel of the soft Gold Toe socks. I am please with the color choices that I was able to get to review. My feet feel warm and great when I am wearing the socks. I can see why that for more than 80 years, Gold Toe has been recognized as the gold standard in socks. Stylish, comfortable, and exceptionally durable, it’s no wonder they’re known as The Best Socks on Two Feet. I hardly ever wear socks but when I do I am reaching for my Gold Toe socks first.

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23 thoughts on “Gold Toe Socks

  1. Looks like a nice assortment of colors. I tend to buy cheap socks and then wonder why they have holes after only a few wears. Maybe I should give these a try.

  2. I had never heard of Gold Toe socks, but they look and sound like quality socks. I love the variety you pictured!

  3. Lord knows I could use a drawer full of these right now ! I need some strong durable socks for the type of work I do.

  4. I like gold toe socks. The socks are very well made. They’re comfortable and last. It’s also a very cute name for socks.

  5. Those look super comfortable and way fashionable. I just love socks…wear them 24/7 (except in the shower, of course!) 😉

  6. Gold toe socks are a staple in our house. However, my husband owns them all and these certainly are unlike any my husband owns. These are so cute.

  7. For years, Gold Toe socks are the only ones that I have bought. They just feel much more comfortable than any other brand. The seams around the toe do not stick out and irritate my feet like other brands do and they last forever (or at least until the dog thinks it is a chew toy) 🙂

  8. I have heard of this brand of sock before but i thought it was in men’s. As for myself I have never worn any of them but they sure look comfortable and so colorful! I would love to own them

  9. Love the colors! I was expecting men’s work socks. I like these! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I have always bought Gold toe socks for my husband and sons. For some reason I never looked for them for myself. Thanks for the review. I love the different bright colors of the socks

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