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Groove Kid Nation continues its award-winning music education series with a third release Rhythm Bears. Producer Rodney Lee once again recruits top L.A. musicians and heads deep into the woods to create a soulful folk hoedown.
As the title suggests, Rhythm Bears is all about drawing kids into the music with rhythmic call and response games that will have them clapping, stomping, playing percussion, and vocalizing to the beat.
In addition, a band of groovy bears open childrens’ ears to a whole new set of musical instruments including harmonica, fiddle, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, clarinet, kalimba, ukulele, and even didgeridoo. Each song features a new instrument, and the enclosed 10-page booklet features colorful illustrations of each Rhythm Bear.
My niece with the CDMy niece loves the Rhythm Bears CD. Anytime she goes in the vehicle she wants to have the  Rhythm Bears CD playing and she likes The Why song which drives her mom nuts but makes me smile lol. I love when I can find kid friendly products for my niece and nephew to try out. The CD is fun to listen to and the kids are learning at the same time.
Back of the CD
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Disclaimer: I got the CD free to do this product review and was not paid for my response. 

Inside the CD

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  1. I can see where kids would enjoy this. The beats and great rhythm, the fun bear characters, and the use of different instruments. Kids enjoy music and this sounds like a hit.

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