Guest: One Year Supply of Feminine Hygiene Products Giveaway 8/14 US/CAN

The Period Blog is a global reference and resource for girls and women of all ages to learn about their bodies, periods, and ovulation. Their new website features in-depth feminine hygiene product reviews, photos, stories, diagrams, educational articles, along with tutorials on topics such as how to insert a tampon and how to find your vaginal opening. The Period Blog is giving away 16 boxes of feminine hygiene products from Always, Tampax, U By Kotex, Stayfree, and Playtex. That's OVER a year's supply! So you can even share with your sister or best friend! Who will you share with?

Good Luck, SaraLee's Deals Steals & Giveaways readers! Thanks for entering!

Entry #1144 Piroska B.

** Giveaway Ended **

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46 thoughts on “Guest: One Year Supply of Feminine Hygiene Products Giveaway 8/14 US/CAN

  1. And I don’t really have anything like that when I have my period. I know people think I’m nuts and I’m lying but having my period is just another day for me. I rarely get cramps, no cravings or anything. I’m very lucky!!!

  2. Chocolate fills the bill for must have food or item. I usually go for brownies ( very fudgy ones)

  3. I don’t think I necessarily need chocolate but it’s a good excuse to get chocolate- so I do.

  4. I SO CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT MY “MOTRIN 800mg’s”!!!! Best thing that the Dr Prescribed to make these cramps go ByeBye!!! LOL

  5. The title is a year’s supply but the giveaway is 2 18-count boxes. Apparently they don’t understand how many times you change-out during your 12 periods per yr!… I’d go through an 18 ct box in two months…

  6. OK, all done with the entries… And now to answer the question: what can I not live without during my monthly…
    Hmmm… my pain reliever teas and supplements… sometimes a heating pad for he tummy… and I def need my pillows under my hips when laying down (takes the pressure off the ovaries & uterus: lie flat on your back, with two pillows under your hips.)
    Thanks for the chance!

  7. I can’t live without pain meds, chocolate and a comfy blanket during my periods.

  8. When I have my period I cannot live without extra absorbent long pads. There’s not going without them.

  9. Definitely Midol or some kind of pain reliever! My cramps have gotten worse with every kid that I have, and I have had 3!

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