Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolate

Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolate Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolates provide the ultimate experience for chocolate lovers. Each luxurious chocolate seashell is marbled with 100% pure, silky smooth milk, dark or white Belgian chocolate. Our irresistible seashell chocolates are filled with a rich, decadent, and luxuriously creamy chocolate truffle; the original handmade recipe of Guy & Liliane.

 GuylianI was give a really nice assortment of Guylian Chocolates to try. The truffles were gorgeous to look at and wow were they good to eat. I had to share these with my mom as she is a huge chocolate lover. Each truffle just melted in your mouth and was so creamy. My mom and I had fun trying the truffles. I ended up leaving a few with her to share with my step dad. I also loved the no sugar added dark chocolate bar. I really am a huge dark chocolate fan and this did not disappoint. Guylian is a nice way to add a little flare to your candy dish. I know the chocolates didn't last long in my house that is why I shared with my mom first so she could see how lovely the Guylian chocolates were packed.

GuylianOne lucky person will get to win an assortment of Guylian Chocolates to try like I did. How nice is that! The assortment will include:

One – 22 piece box of Guylian Artisanal Belgian Original Chocolate Truffles

One – 22 piece box of Guylian Artisanal Belgian Extra Dark Chocolate Truffles  

Two – 6 piece Original Chocolate Truffle Box

Four – 2 piece Original Chocolate Truffle Box

No Sugar Added Chocolate Bars—Milk and Dark Chocolate (one bar of each)

One- 16 piece Vanilla Cream Truffles – Limited Edition


My mom's cat Tazz loved the box that I got the chocolates in.

Now for the giveaway: One lucky person will win an assortment of Guylian Chocolates (detailed above). This is open to US and ends 5/30/13 @ 11:59 pm est. To enter, Simply do the tasks on the Rafflecopter widget below and you're set to have a chance to win! Remember you can't win if you don't enter. It only takes one entry to win!

Good Luck, SaraLee's Deals Steals & Giveaways readers! Thanks for entering!

** Giveaway Ended **

Disclaimer: I got the assortment of Guylian chocolates free to do this product review and was not paid for my response. Please note that SaraLee's Deals Steals & Giveaways are not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill their prize.

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92 thoughts on “Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolate

  1. I think the seahorse shaped truffles are adorable. It is also nice that they carry no sugar added chocolate.

  2. Yum there Belgian chocolate truffle seashells are made with 100% pure cocoa butter.

  3. Guylian chocolates have been around since 1958 and it looks like it is the best chocolate. So Good!

  4. I like milk chocolate and I like letting it melt in my mouth or eating it while drinking hot coffee

  5. I love milk and white chocolate equally by itself or in cookies, cake, ice cream, muffins……..etc., etc., etc. 🙂

  6. I love dark chocolate hot chocolate. That is the best way to eat it for me.

  7. They have seasonal boxes. I also learned that they have no sugar added products which is great because some people I know can’t have sugar.

  8. i learned there’s one chocolate shop every 6 miles in belgium lolol love it…

  9. I learned they use a process called conching to get their chocolate very creamy and I learned they make the no sugar added bars using Maltitol. It is a 100% natural product derived from natural resources. It makes them suitable for diabetics.

  10. I love a good quality Belgian milk chocolate, no nuts or other flavorings, eaten slowly….. As for average chocolates, I love chocolate cake made with Hershey Cocoa, chocolate chip cookies and other chocolate iced or infused baked goods. I tend not to buy average chocolate bars, I go more for the Lindt, Guylian, etc.

  11. I learned the following pairing and can’t wait to try it…A Hazelnut Roast will delicately enhance the flavour of the Mediterranean Hazelnuts in Guylian’s signature truffle filling.

  12. I am still a sucker for milk chocolate. My favorite way to eat it is in Philly Cream Cheese Truffles.

  13. I like milk chocolate candy bars but the Chocolate baked items comes close to equal to that

  14. I learned they have sugar free chocolate. Dark chocolate is my favorite. Thanks for this giveaway!

  15. I love that they’re 100% pure – just natural. Even though it costs more, I always buy natural!

  16. Primarily I learned that I now want chocolate, NOW! Haha! I did learn that they offer a sugar free option!

  17. I learned that: Guylian has been the major sustaining sponsor of Project
    Seahorse since 1999 and has donated more than $1.5 million.

  18. I would absolutely love the Guylian Extra Dark Chocolate Truffles.. I love Dark Chocolate, and it’s good for you too!

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