It Hair Care: Mega Freeze Hair Spray

It Hair Care Mega Freeze Hair SprayMega Freeze Hair Spray is an industrial strength hair spray you can rely on.  For over 40 years, It Hair Care has provided the absolute best in hair care products.  With over 50 million cans of hair spray sold, Freeze It is a Hair Spray to invest in.

Hair done with hair sprayMy whole family likes using the Mega Freeze hair spray because it really holds well. I can use it when I have my hair up in a messy bun or when I wear my hair down and flat iron straight. My son likes to use the Mega Freeze hair spray to keep his hair laying flat because he has a few cow licks that like to stick up other wise. I only have to apply the hair spray once and I am good through out my whole day. Plus my hair doesn't get all dried out when I use the Mega Freeze hair spray.

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Disclaimer: I got the It Hair Care: Mega Freeze Hair Spray free to do this product review and was not paid for my response.

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5 thoughts on “It Hair Care: Mega Freeze Hair Spray

  1. Wonderful that it holds without drying your hair. My hair tends to frizz and my daughters wants to go limp. We both need hold, but I hate that crunchy stiff feel, and she needs a product hat won’t wet it down. Great that your whole family uses it.

  2. Sounds like a good product for me to try. I live in the windy high desert and many hair sprays are useless.

  3. I actually discovered this by chance a couple years ago because we have a Family Dollar store here that is cheaper than most stores and I was looking for a freezing spray because my hair is bone straight and goes flat with any other type of hair spray. It was only $2 and held all day. Now it has earned it’s way on shelves across the states and is more expensive and I can’t buy it at my local Family Dollar any more which stinks but at least I know where I can find it and it’s still fairly inexpensive so I can’t complain because it’s still cheaper than a lot of the higher end brands and yet it works better. It’s the only hair spray I use~!

  4. Wow This seems like some really good hairspray. My hair is so thick that it won’t keep a curl, although I would like to curl it sometime. Do you have any tips? I could use all the help I can get!! Thanks

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