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tankhalfteeThe Tank is perfect for those times when you need a little coverage in the bust to complete your look without the unnecessary bulk of a full length camisole or tank.  It's so comfortable you will forget it's even there!

Like all of our Halftee styles, the Tank Halftee is reversible, providing everyone the opportunity to have a higher or lower neckline, because we understand that everyone has different preferences and body types. We want our Tank Halftee to fit your style without the Hassle.

Fabric & Care: 48% Cotton, 48% Modal, 4% Spandex. Machine wash with like colors.  Line dry.

halfteeI really love wearing my black Tank Halftee because of how comfortable and smooth looking the Halftee is. Now I can wear any shirt I want and not worry if the V neckline is to low, if my arm pit sleeves will show anything off or if my shirt is too see through. Even being a plus size body type I found the 3xl Tank Halftee to fit me well. The Halftee is very breathable and I don't get hot while I am wearing it, that's a plus for me as I get hot very easy. I wasn't sure how well the Halftee would fit a plus size person but now that I know I plan on ordering a few more in different styles.

Halftee lable

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8 thoughts on “HALFTEE Layering Fashions

  1. I first saw this and almost passed over. I don’t wear halftees out so hadn’t thought about them for layering. Thanks. That is a great idea. I am too hot for heavy, full layers but this would be perfect. Giving me the freedom to wear V necks to work without worrying about showing too much.

  2. I almost didn’t click here and I am glad that I did, I never thought about using it for those shirts that are too revealing without something underneath. Cool idea.

  3. This is a good idea for layering. I don’t think I would have thought of it without your post. Now it seems obvious to use it if you don’t want too much decolletage or armpit to show.

  4. This will be good for the warmer weather layering fashions. I’m hot natured any way but love the layered look. This gives me the ability to do. It.

  5. At first thought the name sounds scary. I don’t want short half tees,; I’m looking for full coverage. But your review had me realizing the uses and bonuses. I can’t wear layers normally or heavy clothes. This would be good way to layer without the fullness.

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