Hotter: Shoes made for the perfect fit, Enjoy all day everyday moccasin Honiton

HottershoesEvery pair of Hotter shoes has secret Comfort Concept® features including:

  • Super soft leathers
    Lightweight and flexible soles
    Cushioning at heels, collars and tongues
    Breathable leathers
    Wiggle room for toes
    Fittings including extra wide and half sizes
    Ladies sizes 5 – 11

Hotter is the Britain’s biggest shoe manufacturer, making a pair of shoes every 20 seconds in our factory and we’re hoping to make the US Hotter …. one step at a time. Customers across the US can buy in confidence thanks to our 100% Happy Guarantee which makes exchanges and returns hassle free.

HottershoesaMy pair of Honiton Moccasin shoes from Hotter were pack with care. The shoes even had a heel positioning rod packed, so the back of the shoes wont rub on the back of your heel/foot like most new shoes do. I slid my foot into the shoe and they fit perfect. The shoes feel very comfortable and I really love the quality that was put into the shoes and packing. The Honiton come in four colors and I chosed the tan ones in a 9.5. I like that I can wear these shoes while dressed up or even with a pair of jeans. I now have a new pair of shoes that I like to wear.

wearinghotterThe Honiton shoes were comfortable immediately, and fit me perfectly. I am happy with the fit and the way the shoes feel while I wear them.

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GhostwithshoesAlso Ghost seem to like the shoes too lol

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8 thoughts on “Hotter: Shoes made for the perfect fit, Enjoy all day everyday moccasin Honiton

  1. the quality looks super nice and the leather looks soft, and I like the black ones! After seeing this post now I want a pair.

  2. Wow! They make a lot of shoes, and they look really comfy. I like the look, flexible soles, and wiggle room for toes.

  3. I wish for a pair os shoes made by hotter. I’m speaking of the comfort feature most of all. I know I would wear these moccasins every day and every where. I also love the ease with which they go on and take-off.

  4. They are causal dressy and look very well made. It’s amazing that they produce and an average of one pair of shoes every 20 seconds. What a statistic!

  5. I really liked your review on Hotter: Shoes made for the perfect fit, Enjoy all day everyday moccasin Honiton. I loved those shoes!!! I think they are a great looking shoe! What really amazes me is that they claim that on average, a new pair of shoes is made every 20 seconds! That’s Really, Really Quick! I’m going to have to check out their website to check on pricing, not that I can afford to purchase, I’ll just website shop! Thanks for the review and information! I really do appreciate it!! Thanks again, Michele 🙂

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