"IN COVENANT AND LOVIN IT" Libido Booster for WOMENThis product comes in a small bottle similar to an energy shot. Drink just prior to sexual activity. Takes effect in about 15-20 minutes. With little "enhancement" products out there for women, We are very excited for you to try our product! There are many things that can alter a woman's ability to "be in the mood." Sex is an all natural way to relieve stress! Yes, ladies…believe it or not…you do need it! We understand your hormonal issues, side effects to some of your medicines and your busy lifestyle can decrease your sex drive. Take some time for yourself and try a product that will bring the romance back in your marriage!

The drinkWith being married for 13 years and getting older I am always finding new ways to add a little spark to our sex life. Trying the In Covenant and Lovin It drink was great tasting and was easy to take. I took the In Covenant and Lovin It before my shower and by the time I was ready for bed, I was ready for take off. My husband liked that I was more receptive to his touch and I felt more into sex than usual. I have to say we had one of the best nights in a long time. I was very pleased that the In Covenant and Lovin It drink worked as well as it did.

The back of the bottleYou can connect with Patrice Health & Home Essentials on Facebook and Twitter

Disclaimer: I got the libido booster free to do this product Review  and was not paid for my response.

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  1. Interesting idea and product. I can see where it would be useful. Good to know that it is easy to use and works.

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