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Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

juicebox3With Juice in the Box there is no need to fret over high sugar drinks or add to the waste of the environment. The new Juice In The Box (JITB) makes lunch time fun for kids and happy and healthy for mom. This revolutionary designed and patented reusable drink box is the perfect companion to any healthy lunch or snack. It's safe, BPA and Phthalate free, easy to clean and comes in five beautiful colors: green, orange, pink, red and blue. Think inside the box and start drinking better. With Juice in the Box, mom can ensure her family is drinking healthy even when on the move. Just fill the JITB with a healthy drink, then wash every night and re-fill the next day. Make your own health drinks for your kids, no need to buy Tetra-packs filled with sugary drinks! JITB is made from Tritan a BPA & Phthalate Free plastic.

juicebox4This product is not made in glass.

juiceboxThis is such a great idea for kids. The juice in the box is a great way for kids to graduate from a sippy cup but yet have spill protection. The JITB not only looks cool but is easy for the little one to use. Now I can give my nieces and nephews juice and I know what they are drinking. After all the posts I have seen on Facebook about people finding mold in the juice pack they were drinking from scares me. I know the kids are drinking from a clean and safe container. With all the colors available you can get one that the kids in your life will love to drink from. My friend's daughter loves the pink JINB as you can see from the pictures. Her little hands were able to hold the JITB just fine and she was able to open and close the top on her own.

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7 thoughts on “Juice In The Box

  1. Oh my gosh this is such a cute idea!! I mean it would be so easy for children to bring these in their lunch instead of the regular disposable ones! It’s green, adorable, and spill proof.

  2. I love thats its a reusable juice box. Seems silly to throw out the paper ones all the time!

  3. Very cute. Kids love the convenience and just grabbing a box. This way they get to just grab a box and you still know they are drinking healthy. Plus, cuts down on waste.

  4. How convenient to just grab and go. You know the container is safe and sturdy so won’t be leaking or giving off chemicals. Kids will love still getting a “juice box.”

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